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      GOODWOOD MUSEUM & GARDENS weddings + engagements I often have couples ask what my very favorite type of wedding venues are. My answer is always the same, I love when couples choose to get married... READ MORE ERICA + DAVID weddings + engagements  I have a tendency to rate places I travel based on the coffee shops I fall in love with. I mean, the coffee shops I visit and drink coff... READ MORE JULIA + MATTHEW weddings + engagements Weddings are emotional days. Before you accuse me of stating the obvious, I will make my case to just how emotional they can be... You have a couple... READ MORE STEFANNI+ CHRIS weddings + engagements If I could introduce you to Stefanni and Chris, I would.These are the kind of people that not only should you get to know but you actually sh... READ MORE PEARS + CHAMPAGNE AT THE MILLHOPPER weddings + engagements mill-hopper: In a grinding mill, a hopper from which grain is supplied to the stones. Now, I'm still slightly unsure of what exactly a "mill-hopper... READ MORE CAIT + JOEY weddings + engagements One of the most beautiful things about being a wedding photographer is getting to know each bride.  It's a unique relationship building trust with s... READ MORE A STEP BACK IN TIME weddings + engagements The first time I talked with Lindsay, it was going to be a quick hello which turned into a 2 hour conversation. This pretty much sums her and I up i... READ MORE Baughman Center Wedding weddings + engagements Sigh. My love for my brides and grooms is obvious and apparent. I am downright gushy. I was sitting with another creative (and friend) over coffee ... READ MORE