Destination Museum of Art Wedding

Garden-filled Museum of Art Wedding

You know it’s going to be a good wedding weekend when the bride shows you her multicolor wedding dress and says, “Isn’t it amazing?? It just felt like me.” There is actually a big story behind this, including that this wasn’t dress number one. L actually bought a traditional (gorgeous) white wedding dress for her destination Museum of Art wedding and was fully planning on going that route until it just didn’t feel quite right.

If you know L, you would know that when she walks into a room she is sunshine. I’m not really sure how else to explain it. The room gets brighter. I’m quite sure that W would fully agree with this. So truly, having a dress that was multicolored and filled with flowers and butterflies just felt like, well, her.

L & W grew up together (as in, in the same neighborhood) but didn’t know each other and then met at a law firm where they both worked. Yes, seriously. She jokes that he was the jock and she was actually, not the jock. They have the same birthday and they shared it with her nana too. The couple also LOVES to garden. L loves the floral aspect of it while W is an expert with vegetables and greens. With this in mind, we knew florals would play a big part in their wedding day!

The Wedding Day

The couple had a small ceremony at the bride’s childhood home followed by a stunning reception at the Huntington Museum of Art. When we arrived, the bride’s father was showing us the property and took us right to a bench in the backyard. He said that L used to sit out there and just take in the space. For years, since she was a little girl, she said she was going to get married in that yard. Her dress looked like it was made for that property! It was so original, unique, and perfect for her.

Their ceremony was an intimate group with their closest friends and family, followed by a much larger celebration at the Huntington Museum of Art just down the road from their family home. They were joined by their very young son, who may or may not have been the star of the show for the earlier parts of the day. He then stayed home while mom and day we’re enjoying their celebration throughout the evening. The reception featured florals in a range of beautiful pink hues accompanied by lush, textured linens for extra dimension. Paired with a black and white dance floor, this destination Museum of Art wedding was a showstopper.

Being in West Virginia, it was only appropriate for the evening to end up as it did, cowboy hats on the dance floor enjoying their live band and tented celebration.

What a wonderful weekend to be a part of. Thank you L & W for having us.

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