When you invite Dragonfly Photography to your wedding day, you won’t have to worry about your wedding photography again. You have enough to worry about when planning your day without worrying about the one thing that will outlast the most amazing day of your life.

      When we photograph your beautiful day; we will create both stunning images and tell the story of everything that’s important to you.

      And we’ll do it with enough passion and excitement that you’ll never feel awkward in front of the camera.

      Oh, Hey!
      I’m Oona and the lead photographer and head vegan cupcake eater in our neck of the woods.

      I’m a city loving, coffee drinking, Pottery Barn shopping kinda girl.
      Oh, and I adore wedding photography.

      My love for photography came from my grandma, her name was Grace and she was one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known. She was a wedding photographer for 40 years, in a time when being a female business owner was less common and all while raising her 6 children on her own. She was amazing. She genuinely loved each person she photographed. The people she was with knew it too. When you were with her,  you knew she wanted to be with you. She was just that kind of person.



      "Oona, Jenna, & Joanna are the epitome of incredible photographers and human beings. Their presence helped make our day magical! We adore them! We had a fairytale wedding! Thank you to you and your staff! You were incredible! We are so glad that you were there and were able to capture our most precious moments. Many many blessings to you and your family!!"

      - Lynn + Jared


      "Oona, not only as a photographer but as a person, is simply gifted, sincere, gracious, kind, funny, and unique. She understands love and people and simply “gets it” on a deeper level. This powerful insight translates into her photography and, as a result, her images touch your heartstrings."

      - Nicole + Micah


      “My husband and I eloped three years ago and never had “real” photos taken together. We did an anniversary session with Dragonfly Photography and we couldn’t be happier with the photos and our entire experience.

      I work in the commercial photo industry and oddly enough - normally feel super awkward in front of the camera. But Oona made me feel so comfortable, we were laughing and cracking jokes and she’d snap the pictures right at the perfect time. She made us feel so relaxed, and she went above and beyond to get some amazing shots.

      It’s easy to get trapped in the every day, but we are so incredibly happy that we paused to have portraits done by Oona. The photos she did are so special to us! Dragonfly thank you for giving us the wedding photos we never had!”

      - Rachel + Peter


      "Oona and her team are the absolute best. She and her team were all in from day one--helping to soothe fears, figure out amazing shoot locations, staying calm supportive, helpful (you know how weddings can be!). They were the best. Oh--and they took the most incredible pictures ever. It was absolutely pouring rain and super dreary on the day of the wedding, but from the pictures you wouldn't have known a thing. I think that's what separates them from your run of the mill Facebook marketplace photographers. Some companies are dependent on the weather, Dragonfly and their team make the pictures art regardless of what's going on outside. By the end of the process, you feel like they are your best friends. We felt so loved and cared for and understood. Thanks Oona and crew. You are our favorites."

      - Anna + Pat


      "Oona at Dragonfly photography does such an amazing job at capturing those special moments. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do my engagement and wedding photos. She is so great with each of her clients and treats each person so uniquely. Dragonfly Photo is different because they care about the person in the picture. Thank you, Oona and team!"

      - Jenna + Dom


      "If you are looking for adventure, creativity and a photographer that is always down for something crazy and unique, Oona is your girl. The idea to trapes through the woods (on a mountain biking trail) in a wedding gown and get photos that felt like I was not in South Florida seemed a little crazy and out of reach, yet when I met with Oona, she was immediately on board and beyond excited about creating something different, yet elegant and beautiful. I knew when I met Oona she was going to be a perfect fit for what I wanted and by the end of meeting with her, I felt like I had met my new best friend. Oona’s love for life and photography oozes out of her. Her excitement over my ideas, were as if it was her own wedding day. Oona is just the kind of person that you want to share your stories, dreams and wishes … .. .. and I encourage you to do so, because she takes all your information and captures that magic behind the lens. As we scouted the location and hiked in circles, Oona had me cracking up. She will also have you laughing so hard, between demonstrating her amazing lightsaber skills, balancing the umbrella and her commentary on what is happening, you will be hard pressed not to want to be her best friend. Thank you Oona, you are the JAM and I love you so much. Thank you for making my dreams come true through your gift of photography!!!"

      - Jaime