Groom dancing with bride on their wedding day at Cleveland wedding venue

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Take a minute and watch the scrolling images above. What do these lovely humans have in common?

Despite the whirlwind of activity,

They felt safe enough to shed a tear

Carefree enough to take an impromptu twirl

And joyful enough to leave it all on the dance floor

Each of these couples had the space to take it all in.

And that's one more thing to be

Couple walking down the hill on their wedding day photographed by Cleveland wedding photographers


Couple laughing at Cleveland wedding venue.


On a day that goes by in a blur, it is understandably hard to stay in the moment.

Black and white editorial  photo of couple dancing by Cleveland Wedding photographers

That's why we seek out opportunities to slow things down. To make you feel seen and heard. And to advocate for your experience every chance we get.

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Floral details photographed at Cleveland wedding venue


We Were Blown Away!

I was surprised by how involved and supportive they were. We were blown away! It felt like we had advocates and our biggest fans by our side.

- s and k


On your wedding day, every moment will be beautiful.  But not every moment will take place in beautiful light. Thankfully, we have the experience to photograph anywhere and make it sparkle.

See for you yourself. Check out the galleries below.

Black and white photo of bride in car on wedding day


The Work is Phenomenal

The work you can see from other weddings is phenomenal! Dragonfly Photography shows how the day really looked while also making sure things look bright and well-lit.

- p and c


We blend the candid nature of photojournalism with the preparedness of fine art portraiture to create images that feel good and look great. And we hand-edit every photo so the people you choose to celebrate with and the places you choose to celebrate always look their very best.

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Every conversation was filled with warmth and excitement about what our day could be

They were a partner that was always willing to answer questions, offer advice, and provide resources to aid us in making our decisions. Every conversation was filled with warmth and excitement about what our day could be.

- w and j

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