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All About Our Passion for Photography

Not having one more thing to worry about, and knowing that there are people in your corner who care as much about once-in-a-lifetime memories as you do.

Your photographers are the people you'll spend some of most time with. You need a team that you connect with, and that helps you feel at ease on a day that can be stressful. Below you'll find out a little more about if we might be that team.

When you're getting married things can be overwhelming and extremely high stakes all at once. That's especially true when it comes to those all-important first few professionals you choose. Finding wedding photography for a day like your wedding is about more than finding pictures you like on a website. It's about more than just googling 'Ohio wedding photographer' and hoping you get lucky. It’s about finding the person, or team of people, that you are going to walk alongside as you head into the most important day of your life.

Plus, you have to like them.

We are

Photographers who care about the people in the photographs.

we photograph for the generations you haven't met yet

What makes us different? We are a team of photographers and administration staff that is committed to people first before anything else. One look around will tell you that there are plenty of Ohio wedding photographers to choose from but our team isn't part of the crowd and we're proud of that. We are professionals who know what we're doing. We work hard. Laugh hard. Enjoy coffee. Each other, and the couples we have the privilege of standing alongside on their wedding day.

Dragonfly Photography team at wedding


My story is about a woman named Grace, she was my grandmother, someone you would have absolutely loved (I promise, everyone did), and the person who sparked my love of photography. In a time when it wasn’t as easy for a woman to contribute outside of her home, she (as a single mother of 6) started her own business as a professional wedding photographer and ran it for almost 40 years. She was passionate about what she did and genuinely loved each person she photographed. She was completely delighted in who they were and being able to capture their unique personalities. The people she worked with knew it too. When you were with her, you knew she wanted to be with you. She was just that kind of person. She ignited my love of photography by allowing me to carry bags and set lights when I was younger, eventually graduating me to learn to use her medium format Hasselblad camera (for the non-photographers this is the camera of ALL cameras). I was obsessed and began working with film and spent every moment I could with a camera in hand.

I would joke with her that other people's grandmothers' knit, baked pies, and spent time at home, but not her! She knew where all the best roadside stands were to buy the best pies. We would talk almost every day but before the days of cell phones it wasn't uncommon to get the answering machine because she was out, busy with her photography or even after she retired with her volunteer work.

As we chatted about how her wedding that weekend went, she would almost always comment on how that just had to be her favorite bride of all time. I would laugh and say, “Grandma, you said that about your last bride!” And she would assure me that, no, no, THIS bride was her favorite. EVER. She would then usually move on to commenting that I really must become friends with this beautiful woman because I “would just love her”.

That is just how grandma viewed life and the people around her. When she was photographing you, you felt as though you were the most beautiful person in the world and her favorite she’d ever captured on film.

I think her genuine love of humanity in photography was what sparked my desire to continue her journey. All these many years after Dragonfly Photography was created, lots of things have changed and grown but that basic love for capturing humanity at its best, has only grown.

She is the reason I know the value of legacy and get teary eyed over a great love story.


Black and white portraits of hands

What if building your legacy built theirs?

That's why every year we donate 50% of our profits to non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the world

We are personally invested in the idea that legacy matters for each one of us. Why? Because in the end we're all here to honor and tell each others stories. On a wedding day, you put many times years of effort, investment, and tears into building an incredible day. But the idea that your day would outlive you? Become a well for a child in need of clean water? Become medical care for a child in the worst of circumstances?

Cheers to making the world a better place together.

Press play to hear our story of why we love telling your wedding story & why it needs to be told.

fun facts



Books. Although Gina is currently winning on reading goals with a goal number of 150... because she's amazing and crushed her goal last year so had to step it up.

We're all huge fans of dogs and most of us have a furry family member. Fair warning, if you have a dog in attendance at your wedding or in your party, we will be distracted by cuteness.

Pet peeve

Coffee or Tea?

Stressed out couples. We can't handle it, and will do everything in our power to fix it. Your wedding day should be about savoring and taking it in.

We're about 50/50 split on this, despite Oona's very best efforts to sway the crew towards coffee. It should be noted there is a solid chai latte vote in here too.


dream Travel

Jeni's ice cream, obviously. Although I'm not sure that any of us discriminate against sugar of any kind.

We've never photographed in Iceland and that would be a lot of fun!

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