Dreamy Coastal Wedding on Cape Cod

Capturing the Elegance and Joy: K and V’s Coastal Wedding on Cape Cod

K and V’s coastal wedding on Cape Cod is a special one for two simple reasons. K and V – I’m quite sure I sound like a broken record at this point – but this couple is simply delightful. Second, is there a dreamier backdrop than this?! Their wedding on the picturesque shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts was amazing for so many reasons but it’s truly one I just think of and smile. What a joy it was like to be a part of this magical weekend!

Destination Bliss in Cape Cod

The decision to have a destination wedding on Cape Cod was a no-brainer for K and V. With K’s roots in Boston and childhood summers spent on the Cape, this coastal haven held a special place in their hearts. They celebrated a full mass at Corpus Christi Parish. Then the dreamy costal reception was at Wychmere Beach Club which provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration.

A Love Story Rooted in Travel and Sunday Breakfasts

K and V’s love story began with a shared passion for travel. Balancing visits between K’s Boston family and V’s Missouri roots, they explored new places. They indulged in Sunday morning breakfast rituals, tried new restaurants, and even found joy in cooking together (although this may be controversial depending on which one of them you ask 😉 ) Their connection was evident in the simplicity of shared moments and the laughter that echoed through their journey.

Cat Love and Irish Heritage

Over the years together family has played a pivotal role in their lives. It only made sense for it to play a pivotal role in their celebration as well. Family was a central theme to their wedding weekend, all of their family. K and V adore their furry friend, and incorporating a family photo with their beloved cat was a must. The bride, with a nod to their Irish heritage, wore her father’s Claddagh ring as a touching surprise. Another great moment was the mother-daughter dance during the reception. K surprised her mom by pulling her out of the crowd for a special dance she wasn’t expecting.

Rosey Sunset Palette and Thoughtful Details

The color palette of rosy sunset hues created a warm and romantic atmosphere, reflecting the love between K and V and the beach sunset. However, what truly stole the show was K’s meticulous attention to detail and working with Deering Events. From the carefully curated paper goods from Brittney Nichole Designs, Rosebud Calligraphy, and Fin & Beck Design to the florals from Botanique of Cape Cod, to ensuring every guest felt the love, K was a delightful bride who made every moment count.

Sunset Bliss and Pure Joy

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we stole away for some sunset photos on the beach. When you’re having a destination wedding in Cape Cod and the weather is perfect how could you not? It was frankly a difficult moment to do anything but be in awe. The couple was stunning and obviously deeply in love. Paired with the sounds of the ocean, it was everything that a destination wedding or really any wedding day should be. It was during this magical moment that K, with pure joy radiating from her, took off running with her arm in the air. It’s probably one of my favorite images captured of all time. For me it encapsulated exactly what a bride should feel on her wedding day. All that work, all that planning, and you’re finally here. Everything is perfect and you’re just soaking it it. It’s pure joy and it was amazing. It was a snapshot of the perfect wedding weekend.

Planning a Destination Wedding

Being a part of a destination wedding is a unique position as a photography team because it allows us to be a part of your wedding day at a whole new level. From supporting your decisions to troubleshooting logistic problems. Destination weddings are very glamorous sounding (and they are without a doubt), but they come with a lot of risk.  It’s not just about capturing beautiful moments. It’s about being a support system, a troubleshooter, and ensuring that everything runs seamlessly. You need a team that has done it many times before and has 15 plan Bs you never even know about. It’s always such a privilege to do that, especially for a couple like these two. It truly makes it beyond a joy to be a part of a wedding like this.

As I reflect on K and V’s wedding, I’m reminded of the joy that comes from being part of such a magical celebration. Cheers to the newlyweds, to love that transcends miles and embraces the beauty of family, tradition, and the pure, unbridled joy of a coastal wedding on Cape Cod!

This wedding day was published in the print magazine of Today’s Bride.

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