When you work with us, our goal is to create stunning images as well as an experience that you won't find anywhere else. We take time to connect with each couple and do everything from offering a custom-designed timeline, to every single image being thoughtfully retouched and edited so that you'll look as effortlessly beautiful in 30 years as you do on your wedding day.


Beautiful Reminders of Your Wedding Day

Your Legacy is FAR More Important Than a Profile Picture

We wholeheartedly believe that and shape our values around that belief. One of the things we hold dear within our studio is that a couple will not walk away from an interaction with us without an heirloom, something tangible that tells the story of their wedding day. An heirloom is something that doesn't live on a screen but can be held in your hands, felt, experienced, and most importantly shown to those you love. That's why no matter what the collection you choose for your wedding day, you'd find something tangible included. Artwork for your home or an album for you re-live your wedding day.

We don't believe in jack-of-all-trades. We believe in being really exceptional at one thing. That's why our studio exclusively sources our wedding albums from a company that does just one thing. Create best in the world wedding albums for our couples. That's why we had to go all the way to Italy to find them. No kidding.

Each book is handcrafted, in a castle... (but that's another story) with incredible attention to detail. They take photographic printing to the next level creating an amazing piece of art. It brings a world-class quality to the telling of your wedding story. Something we think goes together quite nicely.

Stop by the studio any time to see for yourself.


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The 5 Most Important Wedding Planning Tips

Each of our collections includes an engagement session because we are 100% behind the idea that by the time your wedding day comes around we want you to be old pros at being the most beautiful relaxed versions of YOU in front of our cameras. Hearing the groom tell his guys, "oh hey, the photographers are here but don't worry, these guys are awesome!" on the wedding day is how we know we've done our job well.

Feeling overwhelmed? Weddings are personal, unique, and emotional. And they're a whole lot of work. You are probably new at this whole wedding planning thing and we are most definitely not. We've put together a FREE DOWNLOAD on the 5 most important things to know when planning your wedding to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and get rid of that stress!

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"I would choose Dragonfly Photography over and over again and recommend you to a million people!"

-Steffanni + Chris


Bride with photographer on wedding day

Wedding Photographers, Cleveland Ohio

We photograph for the generations you haven't met yet.

Legacy matters. You will love your wedding images from the moment you lay eyes on them. But you will treasure your wedding images in 30 years in a way you can't even imagine today.

We photograph every wedding knowing that truth.

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