STEFANNI+ CHRIS weddings + engagements If I could introduce you to Stefanni and Chris, I would. These are the kind of people that not only should you get to know but you actually sh... READ MORE ANNA + PAT weddings + engagements  Anna is one of those brides that you could just hang around all the time. She is cheerful, considerate, caring, and all around sweet. As she ... READ MORE MCKENZIE + ANDREW weddings + engagements Mckenzie and Andrew are one of those couples that when you meet them, you immediately think; oh, these guys are fun. There is just something about t... READ MORE KATE + ADAM weddings + engagements For someone who doesn't really bond with nature much, it does seem that I hang out with it a fairly large amount. ;-) I just heard half of my friend... READ MORE CHATTING WITH THE EXPERTS – CUSTOM WEDDING TOUCHES education PC Erica J Photography Ahhhhhh. Wedding planning. I have had a few conversations with brides just this week about how deeply overwhelming it ca... READ MORE ADVENTURING IN THE RAIN + STALKING portraits Ah creating. Sometimes in the midst of creating for a living, you have to remember to take the time and actually create. I'm sure that if you foll... READ MORE CHATTING WITH THE EXPERTS – WHY VIDEOGRAPHY MATTERS education PC: Cassidy Thompson This is blog number two in my 'chat with the experts' series. You may recall the first one where I sat down with Jen from Fa... READ MORE PEARS + CHAMPAGNE AT THE MILLHOPPER weddings + engagements mill-hopper: In a grinding mill, a hopper from which grain is supplied to the stones. Now, I'm still slightly unsure of what exactly a "mill-hopper... READ MORE CHATTING WITH THE EXPERTS – WHY A WEDDING PLANNER?? education  PC: Chris Kruger Photography Well, it's 2018 ya'll (I sound so local!) and today's blog is going to be a bit different. ;-) BUT, I'm hoping ... READ MORE FROM OUR FAMILY, TO YOURS personal   It has been a beautiful and very FULL year. I am continually grateful for the beautiful brides, couples, wedding vendors and photographer... READ MORE
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