Sustainable Luxury: A Luxurious Tuscan-Inspired Autumn Editorial with Locally Sourced Design

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Sustainably Luxury, The Club at Corazon Wedding

As more and more couples become aware of the wasteful nature of the wedding industry, a question that surfaces regularly regards the nature of sustainability versus a luxurious wedding day. Is it possible to have the wedding of your dreams, and be conscious of the impact that day will have on the planet or community you celebrate in? The short answer is, absolutely.

Dana, the founder of Thyme and Details Planning, wanted to inspire couples that it is possible to have both luxury and sustainability at such an important event. Although you’ll hear more and more about “sustainable luxury” it’s potentially hard to envision what that might look like in real time for your own wedding day. Dana is passionate about changing that.

Italian-Inspired Wedding Dreams?

More and more couples are also finding themselves inspired by the idea of an Italian destination wedding but often hesitate to plan their celebration that far away from home. This might just give you all the inspiration you need. Including a venue that looks like it’s straight out of the hills of Tuscany – but located in central Ohio.

This delicate, sensory-driven wedding design was created with sustainable luxury, seasonality, and the romance of Italy in mind. Full of soft yellows, golds, warm orange tones, and some Earthy elements like moss, the setting transported those in attendance all the way to the Italian countryside for this wedding inspiration.

Set in a dreamy Italian villa-inspired venue, The Club at Corazon, in the heart of the Midwest, during the peak of autumn. This editorial gives destination vibes without the carbon footprint it takes to travel around the globe to the actual destination. An oil on canvas painter was present to capture the variation of color, warm lighting, personal details, and significance of the occasion. All while harp music played in the background.

To complete the multi-sensory experience, traditional Italian Aperol Spritz cocktails, lemon wedding cake, Italian cuisine, and personalized limoncello shots were enjoyed al fresco at a whimsical dinner table designed by the Thyme & Details team. The locally grown botanical elements arranged down the center of the table by BLÜMEN paired nicely with the fare, location, and season. After the event, the florals were rearranged into petite bouquets to extend the life of the occasion as they were brought to seniors to brighten their day with a hot meal. A wonderful way to repurpose your wedding florals – it’s heartwarming to know that the bouquets would bring so much joy to seniors in the area.

Wedding Details

The attention to detail in this editorial is remarkable. The warm color palette, reminiscent of autumn foliage, creates a cozy and romantic ambiance, while the use of Earthy elements like moss adds a touch of nature to the design. The addition of live music and an on-site painter makes this celebration an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

One of the most inspiring aspects of this editorial is the commitment to sustainability. The use of locally grown botanical elements and repurposing the florals for a greater purpose are examples of how couples can reduce waste and give back to their community.

By prioritizing locally sourced and seasonally appropriate elements, Thyme and Details Planning created a stunning Tuscan-inspired autumnal celebration that will inspire couples to prioritize sustainability when planning their own weddings. This sustainable editorial shows that couples don’t need to sacrifice luxury to create a beautiful and environmentally friendly wedding day. By sourcing locally and using seasonally appropriate elements, Thyme and Details Planning created a stunning Tuscan-inspired autumnal celebration that is both luxurious and sustainable.


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