French Chateau Wedding

French Chateau Wedding at Chateau de Courtomer

Nestled in the serene countryside about a 2-hour train ride from Paris, France, you find the Chateau de Courtomer. A perfect French Chateau in the heart of Normandy which pretty much fits all the stereotypical ‘singing songs that Belle would be singing’ ways that you could imagine it. The quaint village is just moments away. With a long winding driveway, there is a huge gate separating the Chateau from the rest of the world. It is picturesque French countryside.

This is of course the sort of venue that provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate wedding. Honestly, you could probably have a pretty large wedding here as well. But either way, with its idyllic gardens and picturesque rolling hills, this elegant 18th-century castle is a dream come true for couples seeking a romantic and intimate wedding ceremony. Due to its stunning architecture, charming ambiance, and of course, French flair, it’s certainly a popular choice for French destination weddings.

Emphasis on magical.

The chateau, a grand and historic property, is the perfect setting for a couple’s big day. If you look around, you are greeted by the sight of the chateau’s manicured gardens and sprawling lawns, all in shades of green that seemed to glow in the misty rain. Inside, the chateau’s elegant dining is decorated with lush floral arrangements and soft candlelight, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

I’m pretty sure I heard Belle in the gardens. 🙂

Rain on your wedding day

So here is a spin you might not think of for your magical French chateau wedding. Many couples dream of a fairytale ceremony set in the picturesque French countryside when planning a wedding. But what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate? If nothing else, I hope this inspires you to put the weather app away and focus on enjoying your day. I hope these photos prove that although not ideal, even a rainy day can be entirely magical.

For Bianca and Francesco the day started out a little cloudy, but still beautiful enough to be outside. As the day continued on, the rain came down harder, tapping gently against the windows and creating a soothing background soundtrack to the excitement of the day. But the reality is that everything had to be moved inside. There are always two ways to look at this. The first is that everything is not doing the way we want it and feeling incredibly sad.

There is another way to see it though. I was photographing a wedding once, a garden wedding actually. To be fully honest the rain plan at that venue at the time was fairly terrible. If it was me, I would have a really hard time being ok with a torrential downpour on my day. But she (obviously far more mature than me) said, “Well, I’m disappointed but I looked at these beautiful grounds and flowers everywhere and realized that non of this exists without rain. This is how everything becomes beautiful.”

Bianca and Francesco

The great news is that the chateau itself was a fantastic rain plan and we really didn’t lose much by moving everything inside. Throughout the day, one unexpected guest made an appearance over and over again: a friendly cat who seemed to have taken up residence at the chateau. The cat, who was clearly used to the presence of humans, wandered around the property, stopping to say hello to the guests. The cat bonded immediately with Bianca and was especially excited to see what was for dinner. The couple, who are cat lovers, was delighted by the unexpected addition to the day.

The evening was filled with lavish food in the chateau’s dining room. The meal was a culinary masterpiece, featuring delicious local specialties and fine wines from the region. The atmosphere was festive and joyful, and the rain outside only added to the cozy and intimate atmosphere inside.

In the end, a rainy day actually turned out to be a magical and unforgettable day for a French chateau wedding. The inclement weather only added to the charm of the setting and the atmosphere, creating a truly unique and romantic experience for everyone involved. And the cat wandering around the property became the star of the show, thankfully Bianca didn’t mind even a little bit.

Obviously, most couples hope for sunny skies on their wedding day (and we do too). But this couple’s experience is a reminder that sometimes, a little rain really isn’t something to stress over. Your day needs to be about the two of you and those you love. Focus on those things and it can make all the difference in creating a truly unforgettable and romantic occasion.

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