Editorial Style Engagement Photos

Maurina and Justin’s Summer Editorial Style Engagement

When Maurina and Justin get in front of the camera absolute magic ensues. To be honest, we don’t share a lot of engagements simply because we don’t have the room for all the lovely engagement sessions our couples allow us to be a part of. But this couple’s editorial style engagement photos are simply too good not to share. Maurina and Justin wanted a beautiful summer day to have their engagement session lakeside. Plus they wanted to watch a gorgeous sunset. As we all know, hoping for perfect weather can be hit or miss. Thankfully it ended up being everything that they wanted! On a gorgeous summer evening, we capture these editorial-style engagement photos of the two of them… being magical.

From the beginning of the session, it is clear that these two are relaxed and happy in each other’s company. They also were somehow completely at ease in front of the camera. I’m 100% sure I kept asking Maurina if she’d ever modeled before because she was simply a natural at being herself. This is something that usually takes couples a little while to learn to do. However, it makes for some truly beautiful images.

When we planned and styled their engagement session we settled a couple of simple things. A beautiful summer evening walk along the lake and to celebrate with some champagne. There are few things more celebratory than popping a bottle of champagne, and for an engaged couple, it’s the perfect way to mark the beginning of their new chapter together. This is one thing that I am quite sure I will never get tired of. As the cork pops and the bubbles spill out, the couple can’t help but smile and laugh, caught up in the excitement of the moment. With glasses in hand, they toast to their future together. There is something about champagne that just feels like a celebration wherever you are. It’s a moment of pure happiness, and a perfect way to celebrate their love and commitment to each other.

What they may not have planned on was actually walking in the lake – but yet again – these two are as relaxed as they come. She chose a lovely short dress and they simply enjoyed the evening together. The bright blue summer sky and sparkling water provide the perfect backdrop for our images. Plus, the couple’s laughter and smiles are infectious.

Maurina and Justin’s editorial style engagement photos are a beautiful celebration of their love. The stunning location, beautiful lighting, and the pair’s obvious happiness and comfort in front of the camera all come together to create some truly breathtaking images. Maurina and Justin are delightful people to be with in general, but they made this an absolute joy of a session from our side. We cannot wait to share their stunning wedding with you!

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