Kelly + David

Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding

Where do I begin with Kelly and David? These are two of the most compassionate and kind people you will ever meet. They were so in love and so excited to get married, I don’t think they got lost in wedding planning for a second…For the two of them, it was all about finally being married!

That said, they managed to plan a beautiful Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding with the help of their family and friends. Both of them enjoy nature and they love the whimsical and flower field aesthetic of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, it had several things on their must-wedding venue list. It really is a beautiful place to say I do! 

About the Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding Venue

If you’re unfamiliar with the Cleveland Botanical Gardens or what a wedding looks like there are a few things you might want to know. For instance, the beauty of their property is that they actually have multiple ceremony locations (6 to be exact!) depending on the look you want for your wedding as well as the number of guests you’re planning to host. Clark Hall, Garden Room, and Woodland Hall are all indoor options, whereas Geis Terrace, Japanese Garden, Sunken Garden (where Kelly chose to host her ceremony) are all garden events.

Their property sits on 10 beautiful acres of gardens, which obviously makes it pretty ideal for creating images. Although, if you’ve spent any time with me, you know that light matters far more than location, and we can make magic in a back ally if we need to! It’s pretty fun to frolic through 10 acres of manicured gardens instead!

The other major benefit of having a Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding is its location. Because the venue is located right in the heart of Wade Oval literally steps away from both the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Cultural Gardens it becomes an amazing location to get a variety of looks on your wedding day.

No matter how beautiful your wedding venue is, it’s wonderful to be able to diversify the looks throughout your day, and that’s just what we did with Kelly and David.

Photos at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

Because it’s such a beautiful wedding venue it makes wedding portraits truly easy. Depending on when and which garden you chose to have your ceremony in you have many other gardens to choose from for your wedding photos. This is especially nice because your family photos can be taken in such a scenic location, whereas normally we wouldn’t recommend trying to move a large grouping of family, with the Cleveland Botanical Gardens you don’t have to go anywhere. The same goes for bridal party photos, with such a large group it can be time-consuming to try and move everyone offsite but it’s not an issue at all with this wedding venue.

The First Look at Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Before their ceremony, the couple celebrated their first look in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, specifically in the Cleveland Irish Botanical Garden which was especially fun because of Kelly’s Irish heritage. The excitement on both their faces when they got to see each other for the first time is enough to make even the hardest cynic smile. These two had more fun being together on their wedding day, it was a beautiful thing to see.

From there we moved over to the Cleveland Museum of Art, a favorite wedding venue in the area and again so close it just made sense to include it for their wedding day portraits. It was really fun to have a little time with just the two of them there as a part of their day. Kelly was a very classic bride, and I love how that classic style can play with the very unique and beautiful architecture of the Cleveland Museum of Art has to offer. When creating portraiture it’s so much fun to mix things creating something beautiful and surprising.

Kelly & David

One of the absolute standouts for me of their day was their love for children. Kelly has been a nanny for a long time and even though she’s just completed nursing school there is a whole herd of children that think of her as a second mother. That is special in itself, but what really stands out is how much all the kids love David. It takes a special man to be just as involved with the children in your fiance’s life as your fiance is. David is that man. There were so many children around them through every part of their day including their first dance, and Bridal portraits…. and the most beautiful thing was that neither one of them minded even slightly. It was part of their story as a couple and it was a beautiful representation of the love that they have for those around them.

Kelly and David, it was a joy to watch you say I do, I can’t wait to celebrate your many happy years to come. Everyone else, enjoy a glimpse into their wonderful day.


Little Girl Looks At Wedding Dress Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding

Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding Couple Outside Portrait Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding Bride and Flower Girl Photo

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