Kelly + David

Cleveland Museum of Art Wedding Couple Portrait

Kelly + David’s Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding

Where do I begin with Kelly and David? These are two of the most compassionate and kind people you will ever meet. They were so in love and so excited to get married, I don’t think they got lost in wedding planning for a second…For the two of them, it was all about finally being married!

That said, they managed to plan a beautiful Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding with the help of their family and friends. Both of them enjoy nature and they love the whimsical and flower field aesthetic of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, it had a number of things on their must wedding venue list. It really is a beautiful place to say I do! 

Before their ceremony, they celebrated their first look in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, specifically in the Cleveland Irish Botanical Garden which was especially fun because of Kelly’s Irish heritage. The excitement on both their faces when they got to see each other for the first time is enough to make even the hardest cynic smile. These two had more fun being together on their wedding day, it was a beautiful thing to see.

Their reception was held at the Great Lakes Brewing Company which is a really fun atmosphere, which celebrated David’s love of craft beer. One of my favorite images of their day was their friends holding beer over my head, cheering and celebrating their marriage. We won’t talk about the almost having 15 glasses of liquid over all the wedding photography gear or how the real MVP is the wedding guest who was spotting me and shouting at people not to drop things on me (you know who you are Steve Kerney) as I laid on the floor to get the shot… 😉

They also celebrated with some wedding portraits at the Cleveland Museum of Art, one of my absolute favorite wedding venues in the area. It was really fun to have a little time with the two of them there as a part of their day. Kelly was a very classic bride, and I love how that classic style can play with the very unique and beautiful architecture of the Cleveland Museum of Art has to offer. When creating portraiture it’s so much fun to mix things together creating something beautiful and surprising.

One of the absolute standouts for me of their day was their love for children. Kelly has been a nanny for a long time and even though she’s just completed nursing school there is a whole herd of children that think of her as a second mother. That is special in itself but the thing that really stands out is how much all the kids love David as well. It takes a special man to be just as involved with the children in your fiance’s life as your fiance is. David is that man. There were so many children around them through every part of their day including their first dance, and Bridal portraits…. and the most beautiful thing was that neither one of them minded even slightly. It was part of their story as a couple and it was a beautiful representation of the love that they have for those around them.

Kelly and David, it was a joy to watch you say I do, I can’t wait to celebrate your many happy years to come. Everyone else, enjoy a glimpse into their wonderful day.


Little Girl Looks At Wedding Dress Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding

Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding Couple Outside Portrait Cleveland Botanical Garden Wedding Bride and Flower Girl Photo

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