Rachel + Peter Anniversary Session

One of the things that I absolutely love, that I think can be underrated in the wedding photography industry are unique events that are not weddings but connected to someone’s love story. 

Storytelling is what we are about as wedding photographers. It’s funny how easy it is to forget that that is actually the purpose of everything even the Decor on your wedding day sets the stage and tells the story of who you are as a couple. 

I think this is incredibly neet that as much as I am a fan of beautiful weddings, I definitely don’t lose sight of the fact that the beautiful wedding celebrates the beautiful marriage. So when a couple wants to celebrate where they’re at in their story NOW, that makes me really happy. It’s not uncommon for us to be asked to do an anniversary photography sessions or some type of adventure session related to celebrating them as a couple in their current stage of life. Cheers to that idea, right?  

And yes, in case you’re wondering my husband and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary (two years from now), wherever we are in the world, with some kind of epic photo session… Pack those bags Erica J! Professional third wheel will be needed… 😉 

Rachel and Peter’s story is one of celebration but has a bit of a unique spin on it. They eloped 3 years ago and never had any, what she called, “real photos” taken together. They loved the idea of an adventure session in the Cleveland area as a way to celebrate their now life. 

They’re both from very different places and very different walks of life. Rachel is a designer + stylest and a very good one, and Peter is a talented Fresco painter. Both own their own companies and their lives together have been filled with adventure and something worth celebrating.

We chose to photograph Rachel and Peter at Whipps Ledges which is a part of the Cleveland Metroparks system, filled with beautiful flowers in the summertime and really great cliffs all year round.  The two of them love nature and exploring so it was a perfect setting to capture their love story.

Rachel and Peter, it was such fun getting to know the two of you and hear more about your story. Everyone, else. Enjoy. 




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