La La Land Engagement – Gabrielle + Jake

Summer Engagement Photo in Field of Flowers


When Gabrielle and I sat down to talk about her engagement images we had a lot of fun ideas that we were throwing around. However, thanks to the Cleveland weather that completely destroyed a crop of really beautiful lavender… long story…  we had to go back to the drawing board. I’m going to say that I’m not entirely mad that we had to begin again, knowing the two of them as much as I do I believe that this engagement was definitely made to be for them. 

They both love music and are musicians. They both love great food, good coffee, and Gabrielle has recently switched to learning about different teas…. they are genuine. They like outdoor spaces, nature, and all things wide open. He even proposed to her on a piece of property that he owned, by (ready for this?) carving his proposal into a tree and surprising her… just the two of them as the sunset.

I mean, good job Jake.

Nothing says summertime engagement session in Cleveland, Ohio…  than random fields of beautiful wildflowers that you can frolic through. I’m pretty sure I was squealing with delight during every second of this session of their frolicking.

Our second location was the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is absolutely one of my very favorite wedding venues in the Cleveland area. By the time we got to the location, the sun had very nearly set so we grabbed a couple of portraits in what light was left and then we switch up the vision a bit and started creating nighttime portraits. Doing something different can be such fun in an engagement session it’s a great time to play and experiment and just have a good time getting comfortable hanging out in front of the camera.

I’m pretty sure that every person within the vicinity of where we were thought we were completely crazy! We were photographing in the complete dark, like the complete dark. Creating something so fun that you’d hear me squeal with happiness every time I’d click the shutter and then I’d to run over to show the two of them and then they’d jump around all excited too and then we all laugh and go create something else.

It was not a bad night. 😉 On top of that, I am a little obsessed with the La La Land soundtrack. Call it my Los Angeles roots, or my love of random movies with incredible soundtracks but it’s definitely a movie that on my radar. When I looked up and realized we had La La Land inspired a lamp post… you can imagine my excitement. 

Gabrielle and Jake, I am beyond thrilled to photograph your wedding next year and I’m so very excited to see what you two accomplish in life together. There is nothing more beautiful than walking through life (or fields of flowers) with your favorite person by your side.

Everyone else, enjoy.


black and white cleveland museum of art engagement photo


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