Summer Orchard Wedding

Summer Orchard Wedding

Summer is the perfect time for a romantic outdoor wedding, and there’s no better place for that than an orchard in Ohio. This is exactly what one couple, Emma and Matt, decided to do for their special day.

They chose a picturesque Ohio orchard for their ceremony and tented reception. The orchard was filled with rows of apple trees, providing a beautiful and natural backdrop for their big day. The ceremony was held under a large willow tree, decorated with florals that represented the bohemian style of the bride. Guests were seated on wooden benches, surrounded by the natural beauty of the property.

After the ceremony, guests were able to enjoy a cocktail hour in the orchard, complete with a bar serving custom cocktails. The reception was held in a tent near the ceremony with long wooden tables and chairs. Decorated with wildflowers and candles, the space was stunning. The couple’s love for nature and the great outdoors was evident in every detail of the wedding.

This summer orchard wedding was truly a special and meaningful occasion for everyone involved. Not only did they choose a beautiful and unique venue, but their love and care for family and friends was evident throughout the entire day. From the moment we arrived at the venue, we could tell that Emma and Matt had put a lot of thought and care into every detail. The ceremony was intimate and personal, while the reception was filled with laughter and joy. The father-daughter dance was meant to look as though it had gone wrong. However, it was actually a choreographed moment between the two of them! Then there was the throwing of the bouquet. Three sisters turned into rugby players going after those flowers. (There was definitely a foul, Kate, we’re all looking at you).

We’ve known this family for about four years now and it’s just so hard not to absolutely fall in love with all of them. This is the type of family that you simply want to stop by their house for dinner or invite yourself to Thanksgiving. They’re all simply lovely people.

Emma and Matt’s summer orchard wedding was a true reflection of their personalities and love for their family. It was an intimate and rustic celebration that their guests will remember. The orchard provided a beautiful setting for the ceremony and reception, but more than that it was chosen because of the years of family memories in that orchard, adding an incredibly personal touch to the day. The couple couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to start their new life together.

We’re so grateful to have been a part of it. Emma and Matt, we wish you all the happiness and love in the world as you start your new life together.

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