Trending: Donations in lieu of Favors

Donate to a good cause at your wedding

A wedding trend that continues to be big is donations in lieu of favors. Instead of spending money on favors (which let’s be honest, your guests will probably throw it if they even take them at all) consider putting that money toward a donation! Skipping the tchotchkes and donating to a worthy cause or organization is something we can all get behind. This is part of a larger trend of people preferring experiences over things and making a difference by giving back.

If you decide to go this route, choose an organization(s) that is meaningful to you and your partner. Choosing an organization is completely your choice. However, you may want to consider avoiding options that could upset guests for social or political reasons. Be sure to share with your guests that you have made donations in lieu of favors. You can include it on some of your day of stationery that can be placed at each table setting or on a sign near your guestbook or cards and gifts. This will make your guests aware without it being ostentatious. You can determine an amount that is meaningful to you both and you don’t need to share that with guests. Simply telling them you’ve decided to make a donation to a cause that’s important to you in lieu of favors is perfect.

This is a perfect way to recognize and thank your guests for attending your wedding without buying unnecessary favors. If sustainability is important to you when planning your wedding this is a great opportunity to reduce waste as well! No extra things that aren’t needed, wasteful packaging, or items ending up in a landfill at the end of the night. Donations in lieu of favors is meaningful, economical, and sustainable so consider this as an option for your wedding!

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