Planning the Perfect Summer Engagement Session

An engagement session is such a pivotal moment for a couple preparing to walk down the aisle. I know there is a ton to think about on while wedding planning and it can be a tad overwhelming. A lot of couples wonder if they even need an engagement session at all? I have a blog called Why an Engagement Session is More than Good Fun which basically answers the question, is an engagement session really necessary? Spoiler alert, I think so! Plus I think they’re really a blast.

Is that a thing people say? ‘A blast’? Hmmm…

Clearly, I’m showing my age. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Moving on… there are exactly a million ways you can plan a beautiful engagement session but a question that is often on people’s minds is how to plan according to the season and that’s what I’m chatting about today. If you’re planning a Spring Engagement Session you’ll want to hop on over here. But today we’re talking about:

5 Things to Note When Planning your Summer Engagement Session in Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Use those late summer nights. Can you say firefly? Guys, I’m from California, we don’t have those. The first time I saw a firefly I about cried. It was during a beautiful summer night on the shores of Lake Michigan. It was like Christmas lights but magically floating in the air. I was taken aback, I think I probably audibly gasped, and my uncle thought my reaction was the funniest thing he’d ever seen. Whatever, I know summer magic when I see it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Summer nights up north stay light quite late which can be really helpful and give you loads of time you don’t have any other time of year. This is especially nice when you’re working with a tough work schedule and you’re needing more of an evening after work. Plus it’s usually beautiful and much cooler than midday.
  2. Bring snacks and water.ย If you know me at all you know that I always believe in snacks because snacks are closely connected to happiness… but it’s especially important this time of year. You wouldn’t think taking pictures is ‘hard work’ but you’d be surprised how worn out you can get in the heat and sunshine. Quick breaks for hydration and a bite can help ward that off and more importantly keep everyone feeling fresh and ready to go. Which will show through in the images. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Being near or on the water is an option. If water is something that speaks to you both as a couple this is the time of year to include this in your images. A sailboat? The beach? Do you love to fish the rivers together? A picnic along the lake? Whatever speaks to who you are as a couple and the things you love to do together, this is the time to showcase it. Remember, engagement images allow others to get a small glimpse of your story, so connecting to things that you love can be a fun way to help tell that story in a visual way.
  4. Schedule professional hair and makeup. This is something I think is important no matter what the time of year but having a professional craft your look will help you feel like the most stunning version of you. I canโ€™t recommend it enough. Again, itโ€™s a wonderful opportunity to get a feel for vendors you may want alongside you on your wedding day. But do plan ahead, the really great ones book up quickly!
  5. Vary your looks and dress light. If you have a Styled Engagement session with us we’ll most likely have time for two completely different looks. Vary those looks, I always recommend something dressy and classic as a first choice and then maybe something a little more fun and free-flowing in this season as a second look. If you need help planning what to wear (don’t we all) I have a whole style guide you’ll find here to help you. But for summer specifically, just remember to dress with lighter fabrics, and things that you’re going to feel great in and that will breathe easily. Especially if we’re going to be photographing outdoors!

No matter the time of year, your engagement should be beautiful and full of lots of laughter. Itโ€™s a wonderful time to get comfortable in front of our cameras and focus on the two of you. Here are a few of my favorite fun summer engagement sessions to hopefully spark your excitement as you plan for your own engagement! Enjoy.




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