Jayna + Josiah

Bride and Groom Walk Historic Ault Park Cincinnati

The first time I talked with Jayna she painted a picture for me about her wedding day that made it clear that she knew what her priorities were. If you hang out over here for more than two minutes you’ll hear me talk a lot about having a clear vision for your wedding day. What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that I’m worried that you might be unclear on the exact shade of green you want to use in your wedding colors (although Jayna knew that too!) it means I want you to focus on knowing what really matters to you.

I think if 2020 has given us a perspective it’s been that right? Couples have had to make hard decisions on their wedding days, do they postpone it, completely change their original vision, or perhaps have something with immediate family only and a huge celebration later. Couples have had to figure out what really truly matters to them above all else.

Jayna and Josiah pretty much had that down even back when the world was somewhat normal and we hugged each other… They cared about their families, their friends enjoying themselves, and spending their lives together. That was her focus. When Jayna was describing the feel of her wedding day she said, “When you walk in, you should feel like you know where you are, what to do, and that you can talk to everyone with a cup of coffee from the coffee car.” I LOVE that she had such a clear picture in her mind of what was important to her and why it mattered. Even during a time that she didn’t really have to.

Also, bonus points for the ‘coffee car’ which actually turned out to basically be a pop-up coffee shop with some of the BEST coffee we’ve ever had at a wedding and let me tell you we’ve seen some amazing coffee carts and bars. NOTE: Please understand the previous statement in the intended over the top snooty way it was meant to be delivered… 😉

My favorite part of their actual wedding day was seeing their family support. Watching their families love on them, help them set up last-minute logistics, and just make sure everyone was well fed (including us, #bestweddingdaycarepackageever!) was really a beautiful thing to watch. It was in a lot of ways everything I love about the Midwest on their wedding day. You can find that feeling so many places in the world, but I personally think it tends to be done so well here and I just love that the best of the midwest was on display on their wedding day.

They enjoyed their first look in Ault Park, in Cincinnati which again held family significance for Jayna and her sister Juleah which made it the first choice for such a special moment to be held there.  And last but not least her sister Juleah actually owns a wedding floral design company so she was able to have her sister do all the floral design (among other things at the wedding) and it was just so much fun watching the two of them interact and laugh and enjoy the day together.

Jayna and Josiah are about to celebrate their 1st anniversary, so I thought it would be a lovely time to celebrate them and remember their beautiful wedding day. Happy anniversary guys! Everyone else, enjoy.

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