Kirtland Country Club Wedding

Nicole and Dan

It’s not unusual for us to hit it off with our couples. Frankly, if we’re not a great fit with a couple we’re not going to accept their wedding. Simply because it’s not in the best interest of anyone, so at this point, I can almost always count on enjoying my time together. The thing that’s so fun though, is how incredibly interesting and different each couple is. Yet, how similar their values and beliefs are.

Not similar in that they like or believe the same things, sort of way, but in what they value on a deep level. They are madly in love with each other, all of them. They adore their family and friends, even when they make them crazy! They’re welcoming, smart, warm, and they usually have a furry family member that is equal parts cute and loving.

When I photographed Nicole and Dan’s engagement session we talked about everything. I mean, everything. Neurology, education, weddings, the proper way to spin Nicole… 😉 It was so much fun that I think I forgot we were actually photographing and was just enjoying my time with these two.

Their wedding day was no different. Well, it was a little different, Mochi was bigger, the dress was even better and the team and I got to meet some of the amazing families these two get to surround themselves with.

Their wedding was held at the Kirtland Country Club where Dan’s family has been members for years. It had a very family sort of feel. Nicole wanted a classic, timeless, wedding day. Something that felt welcoming yet, elegant and clearly showcased the joy that they were feeling.

She pulled it off beautifully. It was the perfect summer country club wedding. Again, complete with Mochi.

There were so many perfect moments throughout the day. Starting with Nicole’s getting ready moments in the morning, quiet and unrushed, watching her laugh with her friends and family, writing her vows. Seeing their sheer love for their puppy when their dog handler arrived (shoutout to Here Comes the Paws who always does an amazing job).

My favorite moment of all was first l their first look when they shared private vows. I always love when couples share private vows during their first look but this was simply special. The love you could see from the two of them was absolutely stunning.

The night finished off with a fantastic party, a live band, great food, and a live painter to capture it all.

Nicole and Dan, it’s been such a pleasure to get to know the two of you. Here’s to many more years of fun! And Mochi. 😉

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