Year in Review

A Year in Review | Dragonfly Photography

2022 was another absolutely full year in the wedding photography industry, but for our team, it was a year of growth, creativity, and innovation. Plus a whole lot of fun. That’s probably my favorite thing about owning a wedding photography company. We are constantly able to adapt to the everchanging landscape of the wedding industry and continue to capture beautiful memories for our couples and their families.

The privilege of our couples inviting us into such important moments with the people they love will never get old. 

This year, we had the opportunity to work with many amazing couples, photographing beautiful weddings across the country, and the globe. We explored some of the most beautiful venues and locations, capturing the joy of weddings in new and creative ways but still focused on keeping the timeless classic style we’re known for and our couples love.

In addition to our photography services, we also launched a new wedding video service in the fall of 2021. It was really fun seeing couples taking advantage of having our team capture both sides of the visual arts of their wedding day. It was especially fun having premier parties where we got to showcase both images and wedding films.

Probably the most significant change in 2022 is that we were back to traveling after two years of staying put. It’s funny because I personally was so sick of travel before the pandemic, not travel itself, but the logistics of traveling. But somehow when you’re stuck in one spot, moving about freely is exactly what you want to be doing. If by chance you haven’t jumped back in, the main thing we learned this year…  Stay flexible. Ask me how many times I personally was stuck in New York with canceled flights?? 😉 Things may not go according to plan, and that‘s okay. We try and plan for everything. Embrace the unexpected and enjoy the spontaneity of traveling.

So we are in many ways, back in the swing of things. After a year of wondering if my small business was going to survive, and a year of trying to fit multiple years of weddings into one… We were back to booking a year or two out with much calmer, happier couples. Will things ever be the same? I honestly don’t think so. Owning a business is hard. We all work too much. We choose to handle one more thing… way too often. I had a conversation the other day with another business owner and we were laughing that we would never let someone on our team work the way we work, and yet we think it’s ok to allow ourselves to work this hard. It’s a constant balance.

But this time of year makes me feel extra introspective, and even more than that, grateful. I will always be grateful for our couples, that allow us to be a part of such beautiful moments.

Even bigger than that is the people I get to document those moments alongside. I’m not a lone wolf photographer. I am beyond grateful for the people that stand alongside me and love our couples and their families well.

I’m even more grateful for living life with these people. Our team is filled with some of my dearest friends. We laugh, we poke fun at each other, we group text the worst photo of ourselves caught on camera from the weekend (and crown a winner)… We drink lots of coffee and chai.

To our couples, we cannot thank you enough for your trust and love. We adore you. To my people, you guys are the BEST. Our couples are so fortunate to have people like you. I cannot wait to see what the next few years hold. ❤️

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