Alice and Brian

Alice and Brian’s Georgetown and Vosh Wedding

Alice described the look of their Georgetown and Vosh wedding as “an urban garden setting with simple, minimal, but effective details. We want it to feel contemporary and elegant.” 

Alice and her now-husband Brian are both teachers, and just genuinely nice people. The kind of relax on a Sunday afternoon and share great food kind of people… Easy to talk to, extremely funny, and the sort of people that you’d want to attend an urban garden wedding to celebrate their love. 

Personally, I was a fan of their vision right away. They wanted an intimate wedding (guest list under 50) with a minimal feel and really letting the city speak for itself. They chose Georgetown and Vosh as their wedding venue, right in downtown Lakewood (where we know an unproportionate amount of the great food in Cleveland lives), and got to work planning. 

Our conversations we’re not boring. They were not afraid of being nontraditional, which we all love. Traditions are absolutely wonderful as long as they mean something to you, but doing something that you have zero connection to, just because you think it’s how it’s done… for me, takes some meaning out of something that is supposed to be one of the most meaningful moments of your life. I’m definitely on the side of thoughtfully thinking through your choices and creating a day that reflects you, your heritage, and your family. 

When I asked them what they were most excited about on their wedding day…?

“Being married to each other.” 

Kind of sums them up. We see a lot of really in-love people. But these two are IN LOVE. In a deep, I honor and value you in a way that is just… hard not to notice. 

Another thing that made their wedding unique is that they wanted to include their children on their wedding day. Not every wedding is appropriate for children to be in attendance but at this wedding, these guys were the guests of honor and it was pretty amazing. 😍

The five of them make up a blended family and because of that Alice and Brian decide they would include the three kids in part of the marriage ceremony. It was beautiful.

The emotion and sheer excitement these kids were putting out there through the whole wedding was actually one of my very favorite parts of the entire wedding day. I think, and this is just a working theory… but if we all learned how to dance like these guys did the world would be a better place. 

Alice looked stunning in her wedding dress and Brian looked perfect waiting for her during their first look. But the two of them together? Somehow they looked even better when they were standing together. Appropriate since that’s basically how they feel about life. 

I loved that they looked and felt like themselves both in an urban garden in the middle of the city or swinging one of their kids around on the dance floor. What a beautiful picture of truly designing a wedding day that reflects who you are and what you love. 

“Our wedding day is going to be relaxed and intimate, but classy and elegant, with the focus on us as a team and our family. We are not afraid of the nontraditional, and want every part of the day to reflect us and our connection to each other.”

I think they accomplished it perfectly. Alice and Brian, thank you for letting us be a part of your day. We’re grateful. 

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