Ritz Carlton Cleveland Wedding

couple kiss during ritz carlton wedding

Lauren and Barnell’s Ritz Carlton Cleveland Wedding

From the second you walk into a room with Lauren and Barnell you know the day is going to be a party. I’m not sure that I’ve actually ever met a warmer couple. They just exude welcoming vibes. When we arrived Lauren was getting ready in her suite at the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland with family and friends surrounding her. But it was challenging keeping her in her chair because she was doting from person to person checking on everyone else in the room to make sure we were all having a wonderful time. It makes me smile just thinking about it. 

On the other side of the Ritz Carlton, you have Barnell who is hanging out with his guys in the calmest groom suite I’ve ever seen. It’s not lost on me what a privilege it is to step into these moments, literally a lifetime of relationships and family in one room. A childhood best friend, a favorite cousin, your instant friend from college… all sitting together… probably drinking, and bonding over basically how much life they’ve lived with you. Kind of amazing if you think about it. 

Their details represented who they are and what they loved, from the smallest insignia to the hand sown portrait of the groom’s late sister he kept near his heart within his jacket. Everything personal and beautiful yet beautifully mirrored to the backdrop of the Ritz Carlton wedding chic backdrop. 

They chose to get married at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland Heights, in a beautiful ceremony. Their love of family and friends was obvious throughout the whole thing but as they were walking out of the church with that just married excitement they both saw someone they loved and reached for them… still holding hands in the middle of the aisle. This sort of feels like Lauren and Barnell to me, like they’re reaching out to hug and love on everyone around them, but so connected to each other at the same time. Such a fan. 

Their reception at the Ritz Carlton Cleveland started out as a beautiful candlelit event. Roses in shades of reds with silver accents on the tables, glass, and candles everywhere. It was a hugely romantic room. 

That’s what the night started out as…

But then the party got going. Nothing like a great band and amazing guests to have a good time. People laughed and danced the night away. Celebrating Lauren and Barnell the whole time. 

Privileged to be a part of such a beautiful moment, with such beautiful people.

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