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Fall Engagement Photo at Apple Orchard Photo

Fall Engagement Photos, Cleveland

I often tell couples that timing while planning a wedding is kind of like living in the twilight zone. You choose a date a year and a half – two years out and you’re lucky if your favorite vendors are still available. This is a very confusing situation if you’re new to this bizarre alternative reality you just walked into… You feel like you’re planning this event that is almost imaginary because it’s, sooooo far off, and yet you’re under ridiculous amounts of stress to get it right and in a timely fashion because everything has a deadline. There is possibly a planner (for every aspect) to help you “avoid mistakes”. Speaking of “mistakes”, you have to listen to everyones advice. Everyones. You’re supposed to learn from your friend’s mistakes and heed your mother’s wisdom while still hopefully hanging on to some of your vision, not hers.

Oh, and it’s the happiest time of your life.

Good morning, have some coffee! 😉 I say all this (with heavy sarcasm) because if you’ve been through it you know that can be exactly what it feels like. If you’re just starting on planning your wedding there are ways to make it WAY easier… I have some thoughts on that over here. And if you’re almost to the finish line… YOU. DID. IT.

This brings me to Caitlin and David. They did it. Well, really Caitlin did it (Sorry, Dave!) but the work this woman put into planning the most beautiful socially distant intimate wedding in the midst of not just the wedding planning twilight zone, but the vortex that is this year. I cannot begin to explain the grace, and kindness, and the very, very, limited amount of looking like she was going to fall down that she did. She is, in all aspects, pretty amazing.

I truly adore these guys. Like, we could sit for hours and chat about all things important in life or just run around an apple orchard as we did for fall engagement images together. They are as kind-hearted as you can get, and always engaged in the kind of things that matter to humanity as a whole. And when faced with big life or death kind of decisions, Caitlin and Dave, took deep breaths, and just chose to stay focused on what’s important. They. Did. It.

For them that was still getting married this year, pivoting their much larger wedding to a smaller one, making loads of changes they didn’t expect but keeping the big things the big things. Family. Friends. Actually being married and saying I do to forever together, that became a priority over everything else. They didn’t lose sight in the midst of uncertainty and discouragement. They didn’t get caught up in small details, they’re just focusing on getting married and loving each other through it all. And I am seriously so impressed.

Today I’m sharing their fall engagement images we photographed last year, basically because I’m just so over the moon excited to shoot their intimate wedding so very soon (happy dance!). As well as being pretty excited for apple picking season, which thankfully seems to be one thing this year that COVID-19 isn’t going to be messing up for humanity. Yay for socially distant on-trend activities. 😉

I hope you enjoy their romantic engagement images which were photographed at the orchard Caitlin’s family has been visiting for years. It’s a yearly tradition for them. Something that’s a part of their lives, and their story. That’s why we incorporated it into their engagement session, I love those images to reflect something of who couples are and what matters to them most. For Caitlin and David, it’s quality. Quality time with the people they love, quality memories, quality moments. I’m so excited we get to be a part of those moments.

C + D, I seriously cannot wait to photograph your wedding. Everyone else, enjoy.


P.S. tell me where your favorite apple orchards are because I’m soooooo ready!


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