Elopements – Love is Not Canceled

Do you remember when we picked words for the year? I mean, to be fair, I never did this but many of my friends did… Bloom. Inspire. Present. You know…

If 2020 had a word it would be… “Whhhhaaaaaaattttttt” said in a slow scream. Or maybe something even more colorful? But we’ll keep it clean and assume it wouldn’t be anything, ehem… serene. I think it’s safe to say that 2021 hasn’t given me a ton of hope for a much calmer beginning and although there have been a number of calls for cancelation of the free trials (which I find amusing) the reality is we’re all in this together and we need to find a way to move forward.

So maybe 2021 as a wedding photographer the word for the would be the year would be ‘elopement’?

Do you like that segue?

Elopements, intimate weddings, and micro weddings all became much more well know in 2020 not because everyone suddenly felt like they’d like to get married with only their closest family members in attendance but because the world turned upside down and these couples were having to make hard choices. Most of the time they’d been planning their weddings for upwards of 2 years, excited for every detail and ready to step into the next moment of their future. They suddenly we’re left with a choice; move the wedding, or completely reimagine it. Many of our couples moved to the following year, but a few decided to plan the micro wedding of their dreams. And it’s been kind of amazing to see couples choosing to celebrate (safely) and during this crazy time, some of them still planning to have a huge celebration a year or so from now when they can celebrate with their larger circles of friends.

Lauren and Cody however, have been elopingĀ before it was trending. You’re welcome. šŸ˜‰

When I first met Lauren and her amazing family, I fell in love. Seriously, one of those, you guys are the cutest people and I MUST be a part of your wedding day moments… It’s hard to put into words just what I saw in them, but there was just such a genuineness in every interaction. These are the kind of people that I moved to the midwest to find. Down to earth, care about your neighbor, make-sure-they-order vegan-donuts-and-specialty-local-roast-coffee-for-our-trip-home kinda people. I promise I liked them before the baked goods and coffee. Seriously.

Although we met in Cleveland, Ohio Lauren and Cody were planning a destination intimate wedding to Cook Forest, Pennsylvania which had incredible significance for them, which was entirely why they chose it for their wedding day. Lauren’s mother grew up vacationing at the same spot that her grandparents had their honeymoon.

That’s yet another reason that elopements (or intimate weddings) are really cool. You can basically do whatever you want, my favorite phrase is… there are no rules. Which is a benefit that you don’t always have when you’re thinking of accommodating hundreds of guests. Another side note here is that your budget can go much further when you’re budgeting for 10 or 20 people rather than 200. It can open a whole range of possibilities…

Cody went to school in Chicago and Lauren in Texas, both of them are musicians, with Cody being a classical violinist. Their love story began when her sister set them up and they are literally the kind of people that make you want to believe in love all over again. Add with that a deep love of family and heritage, plus a little adventuring on the side made for a pretty fun wedding weekend.

Lauren prioritized moments over things, and it showed in every moment they celebrated together. They were saying their vows fully planning on bringing their own children (someday) back to the same spot that they made a life long commitment to each other, their families present, and the beauty of nature around them.

Lauren and Cody, it was a joy to be a part of such an incredible adventure with you. Everyone else, enjoy.




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