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Floral Statement

Spring has arrived.

Well, at least that’s what I keep muttering to myself as I ignore the snowflakes falling outside my office window. Such is Ohio, over here just trying to keep us on our toes, all the way into April. I do think (and hope) that this will be short-lived though, and that the beautiful spring and summer months are truly upon us. What does that mean? Florals as far as the eye can see. At least that’s what I’m excited about.

When I first moved to Ohio one of my favorite things was noticing for the first time all the flowering trees everywhere I turn. Right by my home, there is a street where someone had the forethought to plant flowering trees, alternating white and pink all down this long road. I’m currently finding reasons to drive down that street.

Whether you’re having a spring, summer, or even winter wedding, florals deserve to be a centerpiece of your big day. They can elevate your day in a way that few other things really can, and even if you’re going the long route simply to see flowering trees they can add something to your day if done correctly that you’d be missing if you didn’t include them.

Choosing a florist to help craft your vision to life can be incredibly important and a little tricky but when you choose the right one it can help make your wedding day feel oh so dreamy.  Floral design can also be one of those somewhat hard to estimate expenses that you can easily spend in the tens of thousands and not feel the impact of that budget number. But, with the right emphasis and the right team, you’ll have both a jaw-dropping event and stunning images to remember it by.

Make your bouquet your statement floral

My first tip? Your bouquet, obviously. You’d be amazed how many images your bridal bouquet will be a part of. This is one piece of your floral budget that I would encourage you to dream big on. That doesn’t necessarily mean huge (your arm will get tired fast!) but this is where you want to put the most creative design, beautiful color pallet, gorgeous blooms, everything focusing here because it will be photographed… a lot, throughout your wedding experience. You’ll want this to be truly breathtaking because it really will be taken in, a lot.

The right ribbon will take your wedding photos to the next level

Speaking of bouquets, let’s chat about the ribbon. Did you know that all ribbon is not created equal? Or more importantly, not all ribbon flows beautifully in your wedding photographs. We highly recommend using silk ribbon for your bouquets and our favorite florists use this type of ribbon as well. Talk to your florist about whether they source it or not and if they don’t consider making this small addition yourself. We love Silk & Willow or Tono & Co as ribbon companies and they have more beautiful colors than you can imagine. You can choose the color that matches your palette and your florist can help you tie it to your bouquet. I promise will make a huge difference in those photographs.

If cost is a concern choose seasonal florals and let your floral designer guide your vision

It’s important to be realistic about your wedding floral budget without a doubt. It’s easy to see something that looks stunning (especially on a wedding publication or Pinterest) and think “that’s it, I must have it” without realizing in order to source that you’ll need to allow for an extra 50k on just that floral installation. Shocking? Not really. Flowers are, expensive. Plus they’re also perishable. For most of our couples, our florists are sourcing florals from other countries and having to deal with more challenging shipping costs and delays not to mention trying to get them here fresh and in perfect shape for your big day. Aside from all of that, you’re paying for their years of experience, expertise, team, and overhead.

When you’re thinking about florals you’ll want to start with a price point. Find a floral designer you love (we can recommend several that we think serve our couples beautifully) and have a consultation with them. Let them know realistically what your budget is and what your hopes are. Then listen. Remember that this is your first wedding but they’ve done florals for hundreds, they’re going to have amazing ideas that you’ve probably never thought of. The more room you give them to create (as long as it’s the right professional) the more brilliant of a design and the further your budget will stretch.

Reuse florals if possible

If you have an amazing ceremony statement piece, is there a place it can be moved to for the reception? May times flowers can be reused for another part of your wedding day which is wonderful for multiple reasons. At the end of your day, consider donating your florals to local homes for the elderly or another place that might truly appreciate them. Many wedding planners will suggest this but think about it, you’ve invested in these beautiful flowers! Please don’t just trash them, give them to someone who will really appreciate them for as long as they last and make their day.

Ask for referrals

As I mentioned, we have a “little black book” of our very favorite wedding professionals to work with that includes a few absolutely incredible floral designers. Reach out to us, speak with people you trust, and when you’re interviewing talk with a few different florists. You’ll want to get a feel for that perfect fit and total trust, and I think that happens when you have something to compare it to.


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