Allegheny County Courthouse Wedding

Cameron & Cole

I was just chatting with someone the other day and I found myself nodding in agreement saying, “oh, yes, courthouse weddings are a thing now”. Truthfully, micro weddings and elopements have always been in existence but thanks to the silver lining of the past two years I think a lot more people are becoming far more aware of what a beautiful alternative they can be to a 300 person guest list if that’s not your cup of tea.

The fantastic news is that some of the most beautiful venues happen to be, that’s right… courthouses. They are usually some of the grandest and most often historic venues within a given city. Just one look at the Allegheny County Courthouse wedding inspiration will convince you of that.

For those of you that are having a hard time imagining a winter wedding, look no further than this. Cam and Cole celebrated with a sophisticated winter courthouse elopement inspiration. Small nods to the fun in their relationship, and the strength of their love. See what I did there? Stay tuned for more building references… 😉

Allegheny County Courthouse Wedding

The Allegheny County Courthouse makes a statement in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, taking up basically a full city block. It’s one of the oldest standing buildings in the city, which is, of course, a very old city. With the construction of the venue being completed in 1888.  Today, Pittsburgh is a really great city to host a wedding in. Filled with plenty of historic sites, beautiful views (think plenty of water and bridges), vibrant nightlife, and fine arts as far as the eye can see. It makes hosting a beautiful event there entirely possible.

Micro Weddings

One of the benefits of micro weddings is that when your guest list is smaller you open your day to be entirely about you. Custom cocktails just for the two of you? Why not. Getaway car for your own private celebration? Of course. The day becomes about what you’re celebrating, and what you love, with very few distractions.

Cam and Cole celebrated with a stunning cake from Alex Robba Cakes, a sunny day in the midst of the cold winter months, and many cheers of congratulations, including one gentleman who stopped them to make sure they were fully ready for marriage, which lead to more than a few laughs. 😉


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