Colorful Rainbow Filled Music Box Supper Club Wedding

A Symphony of Love: A and A’s Intimate Colorful Rainbow Filled Music Box Supper Club Wedding

I can just see A (a journalist by trade) seeing that title and laughing out loud at me. Listen, you two are epic, so you need an epic title, work with me. Ok, back to it. I am thrilled to share the heartwarming love story of A and A, the radiant couple who celebrated their wedding day at the Music Box Supper Club in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio. I could genuinely talk about this couple forever. So I’ll try to stay focused and share a small bit about their intimate, pastel-infused rainbow celebration that captured the essence of their unique connection.

Love Blossoms in Cleveland

The couple’s journey began in college, evolving into a tale of unwavering love and support. When career paths led A, a medical doctor, across the country, the couple made a bold decision to embark on a new adventure together, all the way to California. I know, my people. 😉  Their love story is defined by warmth, kindness, and a shared sense of humor they described as “offbeat” – a perfect reflection of the delightful couple they are.

A Symphony of Shared Passions

These wonderful ladies, who met in Cleveland, find joy in shared interests such as anime, roller skating, cooking, and discovering new restaurants. Their high-octane reading habits and love for exciting experiences set the stage for a celebration that would mirror their vibrant personalities. Basically, they’re the kind of people you’d love to get invited over to dinner with. They’re kind, thoughtful, caring, and ridiculously interesting. I think it’s a winning combination personally. It’s one of those wedding days were I’m a bit sad they’re married because I don’t get to talk to them nearly enough anymore… 😉

The Dreamy Atmosphere

On top of that, their wedding vision was just stunning. Imagine an intimate yet fun affair with a pastel, iridescent celebration of love. Soft purples, jewel tones, baby blue, and pops of orange painted a dreamlike atmosphere. The infusion of subtle neon hinted at a party atmosphere, capturing the spirit of summer and the couple’s city life. This celebration, though not adorned with fairies, was undoubtedly enchanting. Yeah, it was really cool.

The couple envisioned their day with specific moments in mind, from walking down the aisle to the first dance. They incorporated the Black cultural tradition of jumping the broom, symbolizing their journey into married life. But some of the most memorable moments from their day were prompted by their friends. A moving speech by one of the bride’s best friends, adorned with a gold jacket as an illustration, left not a dry eye in the room, showcasing the power of friendship.

This unique color palette perfectly complemented the celebration by the water in a music venue, encapsulating the “good time” spirit the couple embraces.

Unveiling the Magic: The First Look

The most memorable moment for me was witnessing A and A’s first look. Nervous apart, and having a few setbacks in their morning didn’t help, but as soon as they locked eyes, they transformed into new women – radiantly happy to be together, excited to embark on this incredible journey of marriage. This tends to be the experience of first looks for most couples but it was especially fun with these too. They were just truly happy to be together, capturing their joy was an absolute privilege.

A Heartfelt Testimonial

“Dragonfly was the perfect choice for our wedding day. Oona was wonderful from the word go. She is very professional and organized. She made us feel very heard regarding our vision for the day and encouraged us to focus on what mattered most. Oona and her team arrived with energy and order, making us feel at ease. Their thoughtful approach when we ran late ensured we got the pictures we wanted. Their presence during the ceremony and reception was unobtrusive. Much love to Dragonfly Photography; we would choose them all over again.”

To A and A, thank you for allowing us to be part of your symphony of love (see what I did there). Your colorful rainbow filled Music Box Supper Club wedding radiated warmth, joy, and timeless beauty. Congratulations on this next step in your journey you’re both absolutely incredible people and we’re all so glad to be a part of your lives.

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