August 17, 2021

Cleveland Arcade Wedding

Bride Groom First Dance at Cleveland Arcade Wedding

Planning a Cleveland Arcade Wedding

As I’ve shared before I’m a fan of many types of wedding venues and it’s hard for me to narrow down one as a particular favorite. One of the most amazing things about Cleveland is that you don’t have to because there are so many different types of wedding venues to choose from. Today I want to highlight the Cleveland Arcade, and what it looks like to have a wedding there but over the next new months, I want to chat about a few of my very favorites locally and why I like them from several perspectives. 

Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade

Let’s start here, “The Arcade” as it’s affectionately known by locals is officially known as the Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade. Why does this particular fact matter, well because it’s a Hyatt? There is something to be said for having great service on your wedding day. This is a day that you’re going to work really, really, hard to plan for and create something that dreams are made of and I promise I’ve seen it go wrong more than once simply due to bad hospitality. The benefit of having a strong hospitality name behind the wedding venue is that hospitality is what they do, which means they’re a lot less likely to get it wrong. Which has been my experience working with both the Cleveland Arcade and Hyatt in general (don’t tell my Marriott status). 😉 

Historic Landmark

The arcade is a historical landmark building. When you walk in you look straight up first and one of the most amazing things about the building is all the incredible natural light that hits every part of the main area. Not to sound old or anything but, they just don’t make them like that anymore… but actually. It’s got a beautiful 1020s vibe to it but in a timeless way that allows you to dress your wedding timelessly however you want to and still feels appropriate in the space.  

Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade Wedding and Engagement Photos

First, I will promise you, when you choose a photography team you trust, it’s our job to find the perfect place for your wedding photos. So that should never be on your things to stress about list if you’re working with the right professionals. However, when it comes to wedding photos at the Arcade it’s not going to be an issue. Every place you turn in this beautiful historic building is a gorgeous photo opp, with amazing diffused light, no less. Once it gets dark it becomes a wonderland of light and reflection everywhere, so much fun.

bridesmaids with bride at cleveland arcade wedding photo of bride at cleveland arcade wedding bridesmaids in red at cleveland arcade wedding

Aside from all of that, the Arcade is located on Euclid Ave, in the heart of downtown Cleveland. This puts it steps from pretty much anywhere you’d like to be as far as wedding photos go, which means photo opps are endless. Although as professional photographers we will tell you over and over again that photos are far more about math and light than about location. Having the right iconic Cleveland location never hurt and for some couple can be an important part of their wedding day, that we’ll use math and light to make look good. 😉 The point is, your wedding day is going to fly by, so as a general rule you don’t want to spend a lot of time traveling to photo locations. With a Clevland Arcade wedding, you really are in the middle of pretty much anywhere you want to go downtown-wise and can find every look from natural greenery, to old classic architecture, and the Cleveland sign. Loads of options right outside your door. 🙂 

bride groom kiss downtown cleveland bride and groom photo at cleveland arcade wedding wedding party celebrate at cleveland sign bride groom kiss old building


Having your wedding at Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade also means that logistics as far as where do our guests stay and catering are a snap because it’s in-house. Guest rooms are surrounding the main atrium (293 guest rooms, a few stories up), and catering is done by the Hyatt. For some couples, this is a huge advantage, for others, it could be a disadvantage if you’re in love with a caterer you want to work with. I would expect that it’s just fewer things that need to be thought through for most, which can be helpful. 

Ceremonies & Receptions

The entire space is a bit like a large oval with a lot of flexibility on how you want everything set up. Ceremonies are often set up on the grand staircase. Receptions are easily set up on the lower level with cocktail hour above. It’s also a large space. The main level alone can handle 220 and you can get up to 400 people if you use both levels. That’s somewhat of a big deal in Cleveland where when you get into larger guest counts your venue choices get smaller. The other thing about the space that’s neat though is that you could have a guest list of 160 and it wouldn’t feel too big, the way it’s designed makes it feel intimate and well-spaced out at the same time. 

Cleveland Arcade Wedding Cost

You can reach out to the Arcade (we love working with Allison, reach out to us if you need her contact info) to get their full wedding pricing information but I know it can be helpful to have a starting point if you’re trying to decide if this is the right venue for you to begin with. Weddings at the Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade range from about 94.00 per guest to $110.00 per guest with personal preference service starting at about $120 per guest. Plus, late-night snack and appetizer add-on options are available as well. They also offer discounts for Friday or Sunday events so it might be worth asking about that if you’re looking to bring the cost down but aren’t particular about a Saturday wedding.  

What I Love About It

It’s not hard to win me over with a historic building, we should start there. The Cleveland Arcade has that going for it right from the beginning. But aside from that, as much as I adore outside weddings the weather here is, just, unpredictable. There is something wonderful about knowing that the space you’re choosing cannot be affected by weather, that’s a huge plus for me. The Cleveland Arcade at it’s basic is a historic ballroom wedding venue but it’s but it’s different from you’re typical ballroom, yet still has all your typical ballroom benefits. The appeal visually from an artist’s perspective is hard to miss. It’s just an “easy” venue, in that it’s hard to go wrong with its overall beauty and charm. Add to all that the quality of service you’ll consistently get here, which makes it a winner for me. 🙂


Weddings are beautiful. Not because of a great venue (although that helps!) but because of the intention behind the moment of two people choosing each other, for the rest of their lives. They come in a lot of different shapes and sizes but one thing is for sure... A guess list of 400 or an intimate micro wedding of 20 people are going to need a whole different approach and a team that understands that. We do. As a matter of fact, we do things a little bit differently around here. We believe in savoring moments, enjoying the people you love, and starting your legacy however you envision it to be. if you're looking for a photography team, we'd love for you to learn more about us.

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