Orchid House Winery

bride walks with groom at orchid house winery wedding

Ryan & Peter’s beautiful Orchid House Winery Wedding is pretty much what a summer vineyard wedding should be about. 

As a bride, if you’re choosing a venue like Orchid House Winery for your wedding there is probably a reason. Vineyard weddings are a special breed in themselves, and Orchid House Winery isn’t an exception to that theme. If you’ve never been there and you live in the Cleveland area you should stop by, they have food and live music regularly. When you do, you’ll see a combination of beautiful gardens, vineyards, and a great barrel room among other things… It’s the sort of wedding venue that you just want to wander around and see what’s hidden behind the next corner. I love that about this venue. I could probably go on and on about the esthetic, but the nutshell version is that it has all of the gorgeous summer vineyard vibes that make for a beautiful wedding day. 

Probably why Ryan chose it. 

The Couple

When I first met Ryan and Peter it was on Zoom and the thing that stood out to me was how much we laughed. They’re the kind of people that you need to keep up with. Something I consider a high-quality trait. 😉  After getting to know them for a while the thing that stands out to me is what an incredibly capable and strong woman Ryan is. She was just transitioning to owning her own business when we first met and now I see her running it beautifully. She knows who she is, she’s kind and thoughtful. She’s got that “boss babe” vibe coming in strong, and she’s constantly problem-solving and transforming homes for people into incredible spaces. It’s pretty cool.  

The Wedding Day

Their actual wedding day was a rainy one because as much as we hate to admit it, in order to have all of that beautiful greenery we need to have the rain to produce it. Ryan did great not stressing too much about the weather and just enjoying her day. Because Orchid House Winery is located in Aurora, OH it made sense to do nearly everything was done right at the venue, including their first look. 

We chose an area of the venue that has a covered walkway so that we didn’t have to worry about the weather for Ryan and Peter to see each other for the first time and from there dodged rain for their portraits. 

There are areas of Orchid House Winery that have a very English garden look to them but then you have really modern spaces too. I’m such a fan of working in a small area with so many options in close proximity. Not wasting our time traveling but using every moment we have to enjoy the day.

Ketubah Signing

They chose to do their Ketubah signing in the barrel room which was a really fun way to showcase the uniqueness of the vineyard while still making space for such an important moment. This moment was rightly one of the highlights of the day. They had a ring bearer that was cracking us all up chatting it up with the Cantor being as cute as they come. The couple was surrounded by their parents and closest friends as they committed to each other for the rest of their lives. It was beautiful. 


From there, the ceremony began with all the beautiful traditional elements of a Jewish wedding day. It was an incredibly sweet ceremony, with the couple’s parents looking on. Until that is, Peter began reciting his vows. At that point, everyone was laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe. Peter, being the very smart man that he is chose to include notes about his new father-in-law’s exceptional golf game within his vows, which just about brought the house down. 

Orchid House Winery Reception

From there the party continued in a tent on the other side of the property. I’m always a fan of a tented reception and I love that this is a permanent fixture of the Orchid House Winery. With beautiful details and the open air of the gorgeous evening, Ryan and Peter started out with a few dances and then went right to the Horah (one of my favorite wedding traditions of all time, in case you were curious). 😉 From there the couple danced and celebrated with their family and friends all night. 

On a fun note, Ryan and Peter’s wedding was featured in the Jstyle Magazine. Her makeup was Makeup by Merideth, planning was by Noteworthy Events and the band that kept everyone dancing all night was No Bad Juju

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