Westin Downtown Cleveland Wedding

Westin Downtown Cleveland Wedding

Merideth and Mike are the kind of couple that Holywood love stories are made out of. To begin with, if you met either one of them on their own you’d like them. I can say that with extreme confidence, simply because at this point I know them both fairly well. I’ve seen them in a number of different circumstances and I can assure you that they’re just plain kind-hearted souls. If Mike saw you struggling with something across the room, he would run over to help you. You’ll always know Merideth is in the room because she’ll have the most amazing smile on her face, ask you how you are, and probably have a cup of coffee in her hand for you. I’m just a tremendous fan of these too.

Photographing Merideth and Mike’s wedding day was somewhat of a dream. Merideth spent months and months planning every detail of her beautiful wedding day. Focusing on guest experience, food, and luxury touches. But when it came to the actual wedding week? They simply enjoyed it. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a couple more fully embrace the instructions to truly savor their moments as these two did.

They spent their day focusing on each other, the people they love, and the things they were celebrating.

I love hearing Merideth tell other brides that on her wedding day it just felt like people sort of ushered her along throughout the day from one thing to another and she never had any idea what time it was or needed to look at a watch, we just had her. All she had to do was be present at the moment. That’s exactly how it should feel on your wedding day.

Mike was just as focused on enjoying moments with her. They laughed and smiled together so much throughout the day, and I truly don’t think I’ve ever seen such a calm, joy-filled couple.

How? Well, part of it is definitely personality. These two are both easygoing and delightful, you can tell that from the moment you meet them. But a big part of it was that Merideth is in the wedding industry, so she had more experience than most brides. Because of that, she knew she was going to hire a team of professionals that she could trust and then trust them.

Mike and Merideth planned and worked so hard to create an incredible day, and then when the day actually arrived… they just soaked up every second. It was an absolute honor getting to stand alongside these two for all of us. Watching how committed they were to enjoying their day, loving each other, savoring every second…?

It 👏 was 👏 incredible 👏

Inspired by modern sophistication, and pops of color (including Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri, golds, pinks & creams). This one had Pantone’s color of the year on her mind before they announced it. Visionary? Oh, I think so. 😉Heavy with French country florals, this romantic wedding coordinated by Noteworthy Events channeled the glamour of the city’s nightlife while including thoughtful touches to the importance of family. Instead of favors, the couple donated to a cancer society in honor of the groom’s late mother, and the bride had the groom’s mother’s handwriting engraved on his cufflinks.

She chose a gown with a showstopping overskirt by Pronovias, spectacular blooms by STEM Floral, and sentimental details, (think antique lipstick case from bride’s grandmother) with the striking background of views of downtown Cleveland, cocktail hour with a live jazz trio and sushi. To me, this is an example of a thoughtfully planned wedding (from a wedding insider no less, the bride is Cleveland’s premier makeup artist) and an emotionally filled day with stunning floral and color palettes.

Mike and Merideth are a one-in-a-million couple and their wedding was truly a full-stop joy sort of day. Thank you for having us, it’s a joy to know you both. ❤️

Merideth’s wedding was featured in Carat’s & Cake, click to see the full publication.


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