Los Angeles Walt Disney Music Hall Wedding

Hannah and Travis are madly in love, and they have been for quite some time now.

I love any opportunity I get to spend some time with the couple and they’re the type of people that know how special what they have is and they don’t take it for granted for even a moment. They shared with me that when they first got together years ago they decided that travel would always be a priority in their lives. No matter how busy their work schedule gets, or packed their social lives are they make time for travel (pre-pandemic of course). When they were celebrating they had just come back from New Zealand and they were already planning their next adventure. But one of the things I think is so fun about Hannah and Travis is that although they love traveling around the world, they have an equal love for sitting together, at home in the evening. Usually with cups of tea in hand, listening to music on vinyl and talking about life.

My kind of couple.

Hannah shared with me that many years ago they went on their first date, it was documented by the disposable camera Travis gave her at the beginning of the date. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him then. All these years later she’s so glad it’s documented with printed photographs, an early part of their story. The two of them and their little man make their home in Los Angeles, California currently and have a deep love for the city they call home.

Photographs have been important to them as a couple as well, so as part of the celebration of their 5th wedding anniversary we got to celebrate with them as they reaffirmed their love for each other at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. They were also both music majors in college, and have loved the music hall not only as visitors but also while playing music there themselves. Adding to the special value and connection to their story as a couple.

The Walt Disney Music Hall is a spectacular event venue. Beautifully curated grounds right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles. The clean modern architecture and smooth lines were a perfect complement to this sweet couple’s modern yet classic music-loving feel.

Hannah wore her original wedding dress (one that she’d purchased at a fundraising auction raising money for cancer research). He wore a classic blue suit with a nod to modern with his knit-inspired tie and brown shoes from The Black Tux.

Everything from Hannah’s earring choice (a beautiful custom piece designed by Champagne & GRIT to complement the architectural and modern setting with a bold feel) to her classic veil, from the bold rich colors to the subtle up-do for her hair helped showcase Hannah and Travis as a couple. Their love story, love of music, travel, California home, and their continuing adventures together. Travis couldn’t keep his eyes off his stunning bride of 5 years.

It was a beautifully romantic and intimate moment of celebration.

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