The Gathering Place at Darlington Lake

The Gathering Place at Darlington Lake Wedding

Jen and Tony’s wedding day took place at The Gathering Place just outside of Pittsburgh at Darlington Lake, Pennsylvania. There is something really lovely about a wedding venue that can be home base for your entire day which is what The Gathering Place is. Jen spent her morning getting ready in the beautiful log cabin home that sits right on the property on the other side of the lake with her mom and closest friends. It’s clearly been customized with people like Jen in mind, built to be a beautiful way to start your wedding morning. Cozy touches around every corner as well as gorgeous views from every window. Tony spent his time enjoying time with his friends in the open-air bar area on the other side of the lake laughing and enjoying time with his friends as well, although I will say their group was a little rowdier. 😉  A great way for everyone to start the day.

Wedding Venue Space

The venue itself sits on the back side of the lake which means that you can see the entire lake from the glass windows that open up to the outside patios. It’s a true indoor/outdoor venue and on a day like we had where the weather went from sunny to pouring rain, and then back to beautiful again, we made use of it.

The couple’s color palette was green, white, and gold, which showed off the lake cabin feel of The Gathering Place beautifully. And although the ceremony had to be moved indoors at the last minute, due to the pouring rain it almost felt like you were sitting outside because the entire front of the venue was opened to the outdoors and the lakefront.


Photo spots abound in this area and it’s hard to find a bad view anywhere. The natural greenery that Pennsylvania offers to the English garden-type foliage that the owners have landscaped with gives the whole venue a welcoming yet cozy vibe. The Gathering Place is a perfect spot for celebration and fun together.


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