Summer St. Clair Ballroom Wedding

I’m thrilled to share the heartwarming wedding story of J and W, a couple whose love is as timeless as their celebration. As Cleveland wedding photographers, our team had the incredible honor of capturing their special day. It was filled with joy, cherished traditions, and personalized touches for their summer St. Clair Ballroom wedding.

J and W’s love story unfolded in the halls of private schools here in Cleveland. Fate, however, had other plans. It wasn’t until they connected through an online dating app that their paths finally crossed. Their first date at The Fairmount marked the beginning of a beautiful journey together.


On a picturesque June day, surrounded by the love of their family and friends, and coordinated by Kirkbrides, J and W said “I do” at the historic Plymouth Church in Shaker Heights. The choice of venue held a special meaning as it had a deep-rooted family connection. The church is nestled in a neighborhood where the bride’s Grandpa grew up and three generations have gathered. It held the memories of countless celebrations, including the marriage of J’s parents. It was a place where love and tradition intertwined.


Following the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration continued at the St. Clair Ballroom in Cleveland. The reception reflected the couple’s vision for their special day. It exuded classic elegance, with personalized touches in orchard and navy hues. Each detail resonated with their personalities, creating an atmosphere that was both timeless and uniquely their own.

As the evening progressed, the dance floor became the stage for an unforgettable father-daughter moment. While they shared a traditional father-daughter dance, the moment everyone was waiting for was when they broke into the “German Chicken Dance.” Their infectious energy and dance-off brought laughter and applause, leaving everyone in awe of their incredible bond.

One of the standout memories from this beautiful day was the presence of a 1965 VW Bus. This cherished family heirloom had been passed down through generations. It has created family bonding for years through memories and stories of love. The VW Bus, with its rich history and nostalgia, became a star of the show. It shared their love and represented their love of family in a very tangible way.


J and W’s journey to finding us as their wedding photography team was serendipitous. The groom’s mother has a keen eye for their vision and a deep appreciation for family. She discovered our work while searching for photos of their chosen venues. From our very first phone call, it was obvious we were all going to be a great fit. The trust they placed in our team to capture their cherished moments was everything that makes what we do amazing.

Being an integral part of their wedding planning process was an incredible experience. We had the privilege of not only documenting their day but also assisting them in curating a dream team of vendors that aligned with their vision. Building such a close relationship with J and W made documenting their summer St. Clair Ballroom wedding all the more meaningful.

J and W, your wedding day was a true testament to the love you share. You’re both as fun as you are kind and I’m grateful to know you. 

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