Rural Society at Warwick Farms Wedding

bride groom dancing rural society warwick farm wedding

Caitlin & David

Caitlin and David wanted a day filled with laughter, love, happiness, family, and friends. One where they could celebrate the union we are making to each other and get to celebrate with our nearest and dearest. 

That vision came to life for them, but it wasn’t an easy road by any means. 

Caitlin and David had to pivot more than once while planning their wedding. When they started dreaming of their wedding day the couple first landed on the idea of a destination wedding that they could celebrate in style at a place that was close to their heart. After months of planning in that direction, the couple’s grandparents asked the couple to reconsider saying that they just weren’t sure that their health would be up for the long trip but wanting to celebrate with them on their big day. 

If you know Caitlin and David for even a few minutes you’ll hear them talk about their family and the important place that family holds in their lives. They’re close with all of their grandparents and Caitlin is one of 5 and the first daughter to be married in the family. 

So they decided to rethink the destination idea, Caitlin spent weeks searching for the perfect venue, searching page after page of Google, calling friends, asking vendors, searching Pinterest, until she finally landed on her perfect spot. The Rural Society at Warwick Farm

It’s hard to properly describe this gorgeous venue, one step on the property and you feel like you’re standing in the middle of an English cottage dream, it’s almost shocking when you stumble upon it completely hidden in the middle of midwestern Ohio. It’s a working sheep farm, with lush gardens, baby peacocks popping in and out of hiding, and two resident Corgie “owner” doggies that belong to the owners but clearly run the show, and took an early liking to the couple and ignored our team despite our desperate attempts to earn their love. 

All was right in the world, but then they had to pivot again when COVID forced them to cut their guest list significantly. Going from a much larger wedding down to an intimate ceremony for about 35. They took it all in stride though, coming back over and over again to just wanting to be married and celebrate with their family, safely. 

The ceremony took place outdoors, with sheep grazing to one side and gardens to the other. Their reception was held inside the greenhouse with dancing under Edison lights with the stars above.

Their constant companion (and guests for nearly every photo) was our set of Corgies. They followed them around and spent the whole day with them, it was perhaps the highlight of the day. We only had one close call when one decided that the bride’s dress seemed like a lovely napping spot and I had to intervene quickly. Only settling his disinterest in me… 😉 

The food was locally grown, sourced, prepared by the incredible team at Seed to Serve. The floral came from right off the farm with designer Paige Price, and perhaps the most fun of all is that the wedding cake was designed and created by the bride herself, who has just recently started her own bakery which you can read more about at Rosebud Confections

Caitlin and David took a quick break at sunset to ride to the top of the sheep grazing pasture to watch the sunset and share a dance with just the two of them. After their moment together, the bride changed into her second wedding look, and the two of them surprised their guests with a private fireworks show.

The scenery was gorgeous, and the Corgies were definitely fan favorites. But throughout the day watching the joy on Caitlin and David’s face as they said I do and having moments with their loved ones was the absolute highlight. 

The bride’s sister married the couple and the bride had an emotion-filled first look and dance with her father whom they’d almost lost a few years before. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. 

For the two of them, changes, pandemics, challenges, and pivots… nothing could slow them down from the wedding of their dreams. Which truly was about marrying each other, celebrating intimately with those they love, and playing with a few Corgies.  

We were fortunate enough to have this wedding published on Carats & Cake, you can find the full feature here | | Caitlin and David, we’re so grateful you allowed us to be a part of such a beautiful day. 



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