Pears + Champagne at the Millhopper

Black and White Wedding Photo Dragonfly Photography

mill-hopper: In a grinding mill, a hopper from which grain is supplied to the stones.

Now, I’m still slightly unsure of what exactly a “mill-hopper” is even after Googling a definition but I did sort of love the idea of the images it brings to mind. Old and quaint and mill-hopper-ish… 😉

These images are brought to you via 232 stairs. No, I am not exaggerating. We counted. Well, to be fair, I say “we” as if others were feeling like they were about to die like I was, but everyone else seemed to handle the workout slightly better than I did. Let’s pretend that it was because I was carrying 50 pounds in cameras, NOT that it was because my primary sport is eating vegan donuts (can I get a shout out!!) and drinking coffee (where are my people at??)…

This was an epically styled elopement at the Devil’s Millhopper, which is a state geological park. Pro tip: the words “state geological park” should have clued me into the 232 stair thing but as I chose not to believe workouts exist, it may have blinded me to everything I was walking into with this one. Lesson learned.

It’s hard to describe how beautiful this patch of wilderness is. I was slightly familiar with it because a few years ago my team and I were photographing another wedding in the Gainsville, Florida area and got to see how beautiful, in person, it really is. I’m sure there were small screams of  ‘I want to take a bride and groom over there’ from my side of the car.

I love couples that are adventurous. I love couples that are madly in love with each other. I love intimate weddings. And I love couples that decide it’s a good idea to run around through the forest and play together, the whole time being so focused on being in love that they didn’t seem to notice the 232 stairs present.

I love that. 😉

Said 232 stairs that wind down to a geological sinkhole in the middle of the Florida wilderness. It’s really quite the sight. And something my southern Californian eyes had never seen before.

This event was everything Pears and Champagne, as we nicknamed it. It had an earthy romantic vibe, with deep purples and wine colors (my dear friend of Erica J Photography recently pointed out to me that I like purple, “I responded what do you mean, no I don’t…” then proceeded to look around and notice that everything I own is apparently either purple or wine color… hmmmm) so the color palette didn’t hurt my feelings. 😉 The feel was such a beautiful combination of luxury and organic, two things that I happen to love when combined together. This was all brought together by an incredible team of vendors from all over the state of Florida (how fun is that??).

Gabe and Aleena, it was our absolute joy hanging out with you two. Here’s wishing you the very best of happily ever after.  I know you guys are going to enjoy every moment together. Everyone else, enjoy.

See below for the copious amounts of vendor love. AND check out The Perfect Palette bridal publication as this beautiful event was featured over there.

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