Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding


Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding

One of the most beautiful and stately wedding venues in the Cleveland area is easily the Old Courthouse located in downtown Cleveland. Old Courthouse Cleveland weddings are stunning for so many reasons but one of the main reasons is that this venue tends to be the perfect blank slate for the couple that is looking for a classic timeless wedding day with a focus on stunning turn of the century architecture. 

History of the wedding venue

The Old Courthouse opened New Years day 1912 and to this day is a working courthouse as well as a wedding venue. It features marble from all over America and cost around $6 million or around $150 million dollars to build in today’s money. There are so few places that have venues as grand and ornate as the Old Courthouse and as easily accessible as well.

Church Ceremony

Many couples choose to have a church ceremony before they celebrate their reception at the Old Courthouse. But some couples choose to keep everything right in house choosing to use the main floor as ceremony and then flipping the space for the reception once the guests reces to the cocktail hour. Cocktail hour is almost always hosted on the second floor, giving the guests the ability to look down and see the party below.

Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding

The Old Courthouse Cleveland is one of my favorite venues in Cleveland for a wedding. I know I have a few favorites, but seriously the Courthouse has it all. A beautiful historic building, right in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Gorgeous tall ceilings, views from all sides, nooks and crannies everywhere you look,  oh and don’t forget the main staircase that you can make a royal entrance on? It’s a winner

Here is the thing though. A wedding venue has to fit you as a couple. Our couples tend to have a lot in common, they usually want something really timeless and classic. Something that’s going to age well. They’re not afraid to throw a party, and guest experience matters greatly to them. Old Courthouse Cleveland fits that quite well. As you can see from some of the images we’re sharing below the aesthetics of the weddings may look different but having a backdrop of a venue like this just brought the vision of their wedding days to life. It made them and their celebration pop in a way few other wedding venues could. 

Sometimes there are moments that just look better on camera than they do in real life. These are not those moments, weddings at the Old Courthouse tend to just look straight out of a movie. There is an image in the set below where one of our grooms took his bride by the hand and walked her down the set of stairs. Please. Please. This is how you should look and feel on your wedding day. 

Straight fire. 

Enjoy some celebrations we’ve had the honor of capturing at the Old Courthouse in downtown Cleveland. If you’re planning an Old Courthouse wedding we’d love to chat with you about photographing your event – click here to start a conversation with us.

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