Old Courthouse Cleveland Summer Wedding

Black and white photo of bride and groom on wedding day at old courthouse wedding in cleveland

A Timeless Old Courthouse Cleveland Summer Wedding

I have an amazing love story to share with you of Allison and Jeremy on their stunning summer wedding day at the Old Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio. This was the most classic timeless affair at one of our favorite historic venues in the area. It was a celebration filled with elegance and the vibrant spirit of the season.

Plus, you have to know this couple to understand how amazing this wedding day was. Allison and Jeremy’s journey began after high school. Then they navigated a period of long-distance love before eventually finding themselves at Ohio State University. Now settling in the Pacific Northwest, they’re living their best life. They are sharing hobbies like hiking (as you do when you live in the Pacific Northwest), trivia nights, and the delightful company of Fran, their absolutely fantastic Bernedoodle (also known as their “best Fran”).

We see a lot of wedding days and will unashamedly pick favorites. What makes a top-tier wedding for our team? A celebration unique to the couple and their family. Their wedding day wasn’t just about vows. It was a testament to embracing cherished moments between the two of them and their people. Plus, Fran was there. It was essential for them to have their furry friend involved in the getting-ready process. Allison’s preparation at her sister’s home held a wonderful sentimental value, yet another nod to their deep family connections.

The day itself was a picturesque summertime dream, filled with classic elements and design and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Engaged With Nora’s design at the Old Courthouse was a standout. It perfectly complemented the historic venue and adding a touch of summertime freshness. The grandeur of the space was beautifully enhanced by Nora’s cohesive and elegant vision. Their choice of a timeless design perfectly showcased such a stunning venue. Plus, it helped the day feel beautifully elegant but not even a touch stuffy for such a special day.

But what made this day truly exceptional was the genuine and radiant energy of Allison and Jeremy. Their presence lit up every moment, making our role as a creative team an absolute pleasure. I can’t even count the times Nora and our team looked at each other and mouthed “we just love them”. Their warmth, kindness, and appreciation for every detail is the kind of thing that makes you love your job all over again.

To the point that Allie’s initial inquiry was such a stand out that I took a screenshot and sent it to my one of my closest friends (also within the wedding industry) and said, “well, I think this is the bride of my dreams”. Her vision aligned seamlessly with our approach, setting the tone for an incredible partnership. Working alongside their planner, we captured the celebration envisioned by the couple, creating memories that will stand the test of time.

This is what Allie said after the wedding day was over:

“It is honestly really difficult to put into words what Oona has meant to us throughout this entire process. From the second we reached out, we felt like we were Dragonfly’s only client based on how EXTREMELY well we were treated. It’s hard to convince us that we haven’t known Oona our entire lives. In our wildest dreams we wouldn’t have worked with anyone as great as Dragonfly Photography. Oona and her team are the definition of genuine, and Oona is a phenomenal listener. Not only does she have the biggest heart, but she so deeply cares about each and every couple that Dragonfly takes on. Working with Oona and her team has been an honor.

Beyond the quality of human that Oona (and her team!) are, Dragonfly’s work is absolutely unbelievable. There was literally an unplanned power outage for our entire ceremony (making our venue extremely dark) and the Dragonfly team flawlessly captured it as if there was perfect natural light. Those are some of our favorite photos, and we are super picky when it comes to photography! There is no challenge too large for the Dragonfly team, and that is something we will cherish forever. Not only that, but we had barely woken up the next day before we had already had a sneak peak from Oona in our inbox.

When it came to our wedding budget, our incredible planner, Engaged with Nora, gave us great advice “you leave your wedding day with your spouse and with your photos.” To whoever is reading this – we promise you that Dragonfly is worth every penny, and we promise that you will cherish the quality of these photos, and the memories behind them, for many lifetimes to come.”

We are so fortunate to work with couples who are the kind of people you want to continue to be friends with. These two are perfect examples of that. To Allison and Jeremy, thank you for allowing us to weave our artistry into your beautiful love story. Your day radiated the beauty of genuine connections and timeless love. It was an honor to capture your moments and be part of your incredible journey. Oh, and thanks for letting us hang around because you’re stuck with us now! 😉

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