Manakiki Wedding

bride groom dancing fall manakiki wedding

Beautiful Fall Manakiki Wedding

I’m not sure who I should introduce first, Allison and Jake… or Macy? Macy (the obvious right choice here) is the cutest little member of the family that you can most definitely get to know on her own Instagram account, @macy.the.min.hotdog. She is shockingly adorable and has been a part of this wedding story from the beginning so I think it’s only fair, to begin with, her. I would love to tell you that’s she’s my biggest fan and lights up when I enter a room but, let’s be real. She’s a very confident dog. Other than being obsessed with her parents she’s pretty into exploring the world. Although, in my defense, I only get to hang out with her when I’m competing with the great outdoors, ice cream, and mom in a wedding dress… I know she loves me deep inside though. She’s kind of the cutest. 

Also, her parents are lovely too. 😉

Allison and Jake chose the Manakiki Country Club as their wedding venue and backdrop for their big day. A little background on this wedding venue is that it’s actually owned by the Cleveland Metroparks so it’s nestled in a really lovely little spot right by Squire’s Castle and North Chagrin Reservation (such a great Metropark).

The couple had a micro (intimate) wedding with their immediate family and their wedding party, which made the day full of sweet moments and beautiful emotions. Family and dear friends were incredibly important to both of them and you could see that reflected in everything that chose to surround themselves with on their wedding day.

Oh, and, Allison is a genius. I actually am not even sure how to put this part into words. I’m sure you know that I’m rather a fan of my couples in general and my brides specifically. I have some AMAZING brides, who do incredible things! But when it comes to Allison I feel like the question is more of what can she not do… I think her dad described her as a “creative engineer” which I thought made perfect sense. She had a mind that can just blow you away and yet she handcrafted her geometric glass art deco/old Hollywood glam centerpieces…? She understood design so beautifully and yet could get the details and numbers too. That doesn’t happen often. And after their wedding was over she made by hand (sounded nicer than saying handcrafted again) a stainless dragonfly for me to hang in our studio window. Plus, she thought to make sure that they had vegan ice cream on hand when the ice cream truck pulled up so I wouldn’t be left out. 


My favorite moment of their wedding day was probably their first look and I would guess they would tell you the same thing. First looks are often some of the most intimate and special moments on a wedding day but theirs was a little bit beyond that. The sheer joy and love that was so evident from both of them was just so beautiful. To see them take the time they needed to really talk with each other, read to each other, and connect with each other about the weight of the decision they were about to make was pretty special. 

Once they finished their first look we moved into our creative portrait time which was slightly challenging by the thousands of people that the absolutely gorgeous fall weekend brought out. At one point we were competing for the same spot with a large “Irish” bridal party complete with very large swards. They won. But the absolute happiness they had together made it feel like they were in a secret fall garden all of their own. 

Here is a little peek at their gorgeous fall Manakiki Wedding. Ally and Jake, it was a joy being a part of such a beautiful day. Thanks for having us. 

bride groom dancing fall manakiki wedding This is Macy!! She was so excited to see mom after the ceremony, it was so adorable! 


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