Annual Holiday Portrait Session

Holiday Portrait Sessions for FREE?

We get a lot of raised eyebrows when we say we gift an annual holiday portrait session to our couples and their families. Usually followed by a lot of, “did you say, gift, as in, for free?” and very puzzled looks. I’ve even had people say they’re absolutely sure they misheard me.

To clarify, yes, we do in fact, offer free holiday portrait mini-sessions for our clients. We offer these portrait sessions on specific dates during the holiday season. It’s different every year, and there is always a theme of some kind. Because we get far too excited about this, our team spends at least 3 months planning and booking our mini-sessions. Plus, we love working in some fun surprises each year.

We used the wonderful Biographie Studio and this year we had a hot chocolate charcuterie board, for real. Thank you Darcy for that stroke of genius. Plus, a hot chocolate and coffee bar so that couples could come to hang out and stay a while before and after their photo session. 

Obviously, photography is deeply important to us. I personally grew up with my grandmother leading the way with, “stand over there, I want to grab a photo real quick” and I treasure all the photos that I have thanks to her brilliant skill and love of print. I want our couples to have that same experience. Not just on their wedding day but throughout their lives. Things change, and I am a huge proponent that you need a beautiful portrait at minimum once a year. A holiday mini-sessions can be a great way to capture memories and celebrate the season while making sure that you document that once a year’s passing of time.

On a personal note, we love seeing our couples and their growing families every year. New puppies, kitties, and babies make our year. I often joke that I’m like a kvetching mother who is bribing you to come home and see the family by telling you I’ll throw in a portrait session… 😉 The truth is, we adore our couples and pride ourselves on an amazing relationship with each one of you. And your puppies…

Until next year. Here is a video recap of our time at this year’s annual holiday portrait session and a few photos of our time together.

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