Giving Back Class of 2020


Gosh, it’s been a rough year, hasn’t it? I’m going to be honest, 2019 was a little tough on my family personally. And at the end of that year, I was pretty excited for the New Years’ ball to drop… I had high aspirations, hopes, dreams and you know… zero ideas that a global pandemic was about to cause me to think that cloroxing down a box of Cheerio’s was my new completely normal way of life.

I miss coffee shops.

And food. I miss the restaurants. Do you miss restaurants?

Ok, I’m back. Sorry. One thing I’ve learned and something that I’m passionate about within my business is that when we’re hurting one of the best things we can do is help others. Sometimes that can seem counter-intuitive because we just want to hunker down and deal with whatever we have going on but the reality is that when we get our eyes off of ourselves and start looking at others and how we can help, it helps us more than we could have imaged.

We have all been affected deeply by COVID-19 many if not all of us have suffered huge losses, but our seniors in high school I think got hit especially hard. First of all anytime a child (sorry, I know you guys are basically grown-ups, but still I’m quite old you see..) gets hurt I want to lose my mind. And secondly… YOUR SENIOR YEAR!!! You work your whole school career to be able to have that last 6 months of fun in high school. The prom, the grad night, the celebrations, the graduations. It’s just not fair.

Our summer as Cleveland wedding photographers is looking very different than it was supposed to as well, mainly because we have so many amazing couples who are making the hard choice of having to move their long-planned weddings to 2021 for the safety of their loved ones. Which means there are a whole lot more openings on the calendar. So when I started to think about how we could best give back I came back to one thing…

Actually if you want the full story… 😉 I was hiding in a bush waiting for someone to be surprised with a proposal (hey, Mer!) and as I’m squatting there evaluating my lack of working out and how this could affect my ability to hide in said bush when I see above me a young woman and her friend taking her “senior photos” with a cell phone. They were doing the best they could, but she kept saying, “can we try it again, it’s just these are as good as I’m going to have, and these are supposed to be my senior photos”.

I started thinking, to distract from the thigh workout I was getting… That should not be what her experience is. You know, we’re actually pretty great at photography.

So. Here’s what we’re doing.

We’re giving back. And giving away a full day of Senior Mini Portrait Sessions. Because the Class of 2020 should have a year that ends with something positive.

Absolutely every part, completely free, a gift for the class of 2020.

The second thing we’re doing is that we’re photographing FULL senior photo sessions this summer only (as you know, were wedding people over there) and for every session, we contract through July 30th we’re going to gift one to a student who might otherwise not be able to have senior photography done.

You can find out more about both things here but Signups go live this morning for the senior minis and you can sign up here!

Here’s a peek at some of the senior photography we’ve done in the past and where you can find more information on the very limited senior photos that we do (spoiler, I actually LOVE senior photography so I’m a little stoked… do kids say that??)

Hugs to all of you. Let’s lead with kindness.


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