Giving Report

There’s no denying —I am grateful.

Today I want to tell you how grateful I am, AND I want to tell you what you were a part of as a Dragonfly Photography couple.  It’s actually hard to find the words as I write this, to begin to try and explain how deeply I feel about each one of my couples. The idea that you trust our team to step into your most important moments and capture those moments for your grandchildren to experience, truly brings me to tears.

I’ll never lose sight of what a privilege that is.

If you’ve been around for any length of time you know legacy matters to me personally, but a number of years ago as a company, we decided that we LOVED the idea of caring about it as a company.

What if, while we photographed and preserved your legacy we also helped build someone else’s legacy? Together?

That’s how we decided that as a company Dragonfly Photography would donate 50% of our profit to well-vetted non-profit organizations who are working to do good in the world. Year after year. 

The idea is, you invest in your legacy. Preserving how you felt on your wedding day is, and should be a priority. But that investment is then multiplied to help others build their legacy too. Maybe it’s a legacy of rebuilding after war, caring for their children, having clean water, or starting a small business.

We got so excited about this idea that we decided not only would we donate 50% of our profit but we would also donate 100% of our gratuity from wedding days as well. Or we invite our couples who are wanting to thank us above and beyond what they’ve already done to donate on our behalf.

I’ve owned a business for a long time now. In full transparency, I will tell you that this has been one of the hardest years I’ve ever walked through in the wedding industry. I’ve worked more 16-18 hour days than I can count. Losing sleep trying to figure out how to get it all done and keep each one of you feeling like you’re the only couple we serve (spoiler, there is more than one of you… hehe).

But in the midst of this, the thing that kept me moving forward was the incredible support from my husband, our team, and the amazing businesswomen I have supporting me thru this journey.

That and working with YOU.

I can honestly say that if we worked with different couples I truly don’t think I would be standing currently, and I certainly wouldn’t be photographing weddings. 😉 Working with people like you, laughing and crying through life’s most beautiful moments together… AND changing the world by helping to build the legacy of those we’ve never even met? It doesn’t get any better.

Thank you for believing in something bigger than yourself. You are the kind of people that I’m HONORED to love and serve.

This year we funneled our support in three directions:

  • Preemtive Love – Helps families fleeing violence remake homes and rebuild their lives. They show up with emergency relief – food, water, medical care, and more—for families on the frontlines of war in Syria and Iraq. But then they stay, long after the immediate crisis has passed. They help refugees start small businesses, so they can provide for their families and rebuild their lives, without having to depend on handouts. If you decide to support this charity, you can use our Dragonfly Photography fundraiser link and we can keep track of all our couple’s impact this year.
  • Charity: Water  Charity: Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. One of the most amazing things about this not-for-profit is that they “prove” every project they take on, check out what that means here plus private donors cover their operating costs so 100% of donations go right to the field to fund water projects. Find out more about this great charity or donate using our link at
  • Small Creative Businesses – The global pandemic has created horrific and challenging circumstances on so many levels across the globe. Small business has been another casualty of that reality. We have been blessed to have a great foundation and amazing clients that helped us pull through 2020 in one piece but many businesses weren’t so fortunate. We were able to give cash gifts and supplies to a number of small creative female-owned businesses this year that needed a helping hand during a rough patch. 

So this Thanksgiving, from my home to yours. Thank you for being a part of something that I think is so very important. I’m grateful.

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