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Mckenzie and Andrew are one of those couples that when you meet them, you immediately think; oh, these guys are fun. There is just something about the way they interact with each other, and the world around them that just makes it lovely to be near them. Our first conversation was over video chat and Mckenzie had me laughing from the second we said hello. Even to the point of tackling (like actually tackling) her cat Scully (also, catch that reference??) and making the very unhappy feline have a moment on camera simply for a hello. 😉

They met over a shared love of NASCAR. I, having really no idea what that means, loved hearing their friends sharing the stories of the two of them, how they met and fell in love. Their friends and family were… epic. At one point during the reception, I wondered if the bride and groom were ever even going to be able to sit down even for a moment. As soon as they sat back down a friend or family member would start a rousing rendition of a song, to which the entire reception would follow the lead and burst into song as well (this included dancing and arm gestures) and it would all end with a grandstand kiss by the couple and the crowd going wild. Fun people.

Mckenzie told me that when she met Andrew she’d never felt so connected with another person in her whole life. It was not hard to see that as they interacted with each other. They wrote their own vows which were so beautiful and heartfelt. I’m not sure if it was more fun watching them at that moment or the wedding guests get misty over how sweet they were with each other.

When the bride described her wedding vision to me, she said she wanted to design a day that had an elegant and classic feel to it, but not to hold too tightly to tradition. She wanted their wedding to be an intimate and fun event, filled with sweet and unique details. My favorite type of weddings are the weddings that hold a timeless feel while incorporating a strong personality of the couple. This one absolutely accomplished that.

The other thing that made this wedding slightly interesting is, as they were trying to say their “I dos”, tropical storm Alberto was descending on South Florida in a somewhat intense way. Their day was held at the beautiful National Croquet Center in Palm Beach. The venue has a really great Key West style clubhouse, that has a blend of the classic Palm Beach look with a strong timeless wedding feel to it. It also has a huge picturesque wraparound veranda that opens up to an expansive lawn that is perfect for an outdoor wedding… I mean as long as Alberto doesn’t show up. No one invited him… 😉

The beauty of this couple tho is that with a tropical storm on its way to their wedding day, they both kept a focus on the most important things. I kept hearing both of them speak of family, friends and enjoying the moment together. That idea…when it’s all said and done, they’re going to be husband and wife and that is actually the point. I loved their hearts and their genuine love of the people that surrounded their lives. Those to me, Alberto or no Alberto, are the best kinds of weddings. Thankfully, a tent was brought in to still allow the elegant and intimate outdoor wedding, have the look and feel it was supposed to have and the day went off without a hitch.

I think the moral of this beautiful wedding is that in south Florida (and many other destinations), you don’t always get to be in control of every detail of your wedding day no matter how well you prepare and plan. But when your focus and your priorities are in the right places, there is nothing, not even a literal tropical storm, that can put a damper on your day.

Mckenzie and Andrew, it has been a joy to walk this journey with you. Thanks for being so much fun and allowing me to witness the most beautiful day of your lives. Enjoy every second on your adventure in Ecuador “glamping” it up, and if you ever need any humor just think of me trying to “glamp” anywhere, much less in Ecuador. 😉 You’re welcome.

Everyone else, enjoy.

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Dragonfly Photography Fine Art Wedding Photography


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Venue | National Croquet Center

Florist | OMG Flower Boutique

Makeup Artist | Emily Stafford

Hair Designer | Valerie Hauquitz


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