Do photographers + videographers HATE each other???


Those are strong words, aren’t they? I thought so too, but the shocking part (to me at least) is that these are not my words but the words of countless couples asking a very valid question. Can wedding photographers and wedding videographers get along??

This has come up enough that I thought I would address it here and hopefully help couples navigate what has become a bit of a ‘thing’ in the wedding industry. I had a bride share a horror story with me the other day about being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and seeing the wedding photographer and videographer look like they were going to come to blows. I’m sure my jaw hit the floor as she was telling the story but the idea that even for a second two wedding vendors could forget that it was about the couple getting married and made it all about themselves was insane to me. It’s truly ridiculous. But stories like this are more common than you might think and it’s causing undo stress for couples already feeling the pressure of wedding planning.

So here is the short answer: WE LOVE WORKING WITH VIDEOGRAPHY TEAMS.

Here is the long answer plus a word of caution. We really love working with the right videographer, but a small and slightly more important thing to consider is this…the WRONG videographer has the potential to affect your wedding photography. Ekkkkkk. I know, let me explain. Having professional vendors is extremely important for your wedding day all around. Aka, we promise to serve you well and will never fist fight with other vendors (I cannot even begin…) But there are a few that I would consider slightly more important than others because of how involved they are in your moments. We live in a day and age that beautiful cameras are not hard to come by and because of that, there is an unfortunate side effect that brings out the not-so-professional photographers and videographers. 

There are a number of dangers to this. I have terrible stories to tell you, couples not seeing wedding footage EVER, couples waiting upwards of 2 years for a 60-second highlight reel, unprofessional behavior at the wedding, etc. Sadly, it’s pretty easy to throw up a nice website and a few clips these days.

A professional knows where to stand and why, how to see and work with a variety of lighting situations and document the most important moments of your life without making those moments about them.  At the end of the day, this is about no one but the two of you. The danger of bringing in someone who is “okay” is they might not realize that and make it about them

The biggest challenge we find to working with low-end videographers is that if they don’t know how to work well with others, or they have not had long term experience, they might very well be standing in all your photographs. Now, let me assure you, our team will move heaven and earth to get you exemplary images. Because we DO have long term experience and will make it happen. BUT if we have a videographer who has a go-pro and is swinging in frantic circles 6 inches from your faces during your first dance… it might make our job just a little harder. ;-D

SO all that to say, WE LOVE videographers and the biggest encouragement I have for you is this: Invest well. If it’s not in the budget, set up a tripod with a cousin in the front row to capture the ceremony. It will give you a live view of what’s happening and what you’re saying. Something you can look back on with great love and affection. OR invest in a quality professional video team that will really compliment your wedding images. 

Hopefully, that helps clear a few things up, but don’t hesitate to reach out to get a few recommendations on amazing professional video teams we love working with.


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