Do photographers + videographers HATE each other???

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Those are strong words, aren’t they? I thought so too, but the shocking part (to me at least) is that these are not my words but the words of countless couples asking a very valid question. Can wedding photographers and wedding videographers get along??

Can Wedding Photographers and Videographers Get Along

This has come up enough that I thought I would address it here and hopefully help couples navigate what apparently has become a bit of a ‘thing’ in the wedding industry. I actually didn’t realize this was something couples were wondering but as I was getting more and more questions about if it was “ok” for them to hire video, or wedding planner’s who were advising couples to “make sure to clear it with the photography team” that a videographer was going to be there, etc. I became, painfully aware.

I had a bride share a horror story with me recently about being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and seeing the wedding photographer and videographer look like they were going to come to physical blows. I’m sure my jaw hit the floor as she was telling the story but the idea that even for a second two wedding professionals could forget that it was about the couple getting married and it about themselves was insane to me. It’s horrifying and ridiculous. But stories like this are more common than you might think and it’s causing undue stress for couples already feeling the pressure of wedding planning.


Having professional vendors is extremely important for your wedding day all around. Aka, we promise to serve you well and will never fist fight with other professionals (I cannot even begin…) But there are a few vendors that I would consider professionalism to be an even higher priority simply because of how involved they are in the moment-by-moment interactions of your day. We live in a day and age where beautiful cameras are not hard to come by, websites are not that hard to design, and because of that, there is an unfortunate side effect that brings out both the not-so-professional photographers and videographers. 

That said, I have seen weddings nearly destroyed because of terrible video teams. I’m sure there are wonderful cinematography teams who could say the same about terrible photographers. The reality that is rarely talked about is that because of the low barrier of entry in the wedding industry it isn’t hard to “be” a lot of things without actually having the 10,000 hours it takes to become the type of professional you’d want by your side on a wedding day.

We have had situations where couples have booked with our team close to 3 years in advance knowing that we would book up quickly and it would be extremely hard to find a date only to get much closer to their wedding date and wonder if they might regret not having a wedding film. At that point, you usually have to choose a much lower price and caliber option. I think in their minds they’re thinking, “well, it’s fine, we have the beautiful photos, if we get anything from the film it’ll be better than nothing”. It’s logical and makes sense from that perspective.

Horror Stories

To give you some real-life examples, yes each one of these things has actually happened at a wedding:

  • Videographers stanging in front of us during the first kiss blocking our shots
  • Two of them completely blocked important religious moments in the church (when you have two larger men standing on their side of a unity candle, for instance, there is literally nothing we can do mid-ceremony to move them)
  • Showed up wearing shorts and a bright blue shirt to a black-tie event (the planner sent him home to change)
  • Swooping circles 6 inches from the couple’s head during the first dance
  • Brought outdated equipment in that completely blocked the churches aisle way so that we can’t get in to get a shot
  • Stood on the church stage the entire ceremony so they were in every single church photo
  • Physically hit one of our photographers because they didn’t like where we were standing for the first kiss

The terrible stories could go on, couples not seeing wedding footage EVER (after paying thousands of dollars), couples waiting upwards of 2 years for a 60-second highlight reel, unprofessional behavior at the wedding, being completely intrusive on a special private moment, etc. 

A true professional knows where to stand and why, what lenses to use so they don’t have to be in your face the whole time, how to see and work with a variety of lighting situations, and document the most important moments of your life without making those moments about them. At the end of the day, your wedding is about no one else but the two of you.

Now, let me assure you, our team will move heaven and earth to get you exemplary images. Because we DO have long-term experience and will make it happen. BUT if we have a videographer who has a go-pro and is swinging in frantic circles 6 inches from your faces during your first dance, or your first kiss… it makes our job a whole lot harder

Why we offer wedding films

After these fairly traumatic experiences, we decided to offer wedding films within our collections. Why?

We realized that for some people photo is the priority but there is something really special about having the ceremony recorded or hearing grandma’s voice. I get that! I wanted to know that we could provide that level of service and quality for couples, not to mention getting it back to them when they get their images! It makes the premiere party even more fun. 😉 That was another issue, some of our couples were waiting a year or more to get their films, we get ours back within 8 weeks.

So we hired and trained two wonderful videographers who are a joy to work with and have the same heart of service that all of our photographers have. This for us, is just as important as the final product. To me when I see a videographer swooping around a couple on the dance floor looking like he’s trying to make an Oscar-winning short film I wonder if it’s about the couple first.

I think expanding our team will serve you well. For many couples being able to find photo and video in one place is a huge benefit. One less thing to look for or box to check. But the reality is that it also was a huge benefit for us because I know we can do a better job when we have fewer obstacles, and getting physically hit by another “professional” on a wedding day isn’t an obstacle I’d love to keep in place.

Hiring Outside

Is there an exception to the rule? Should we always use your team? No.

For me, here is the rule of thumb. There are companies that are true cinematographers, filmmakers in the most epic sense. These types of people are absolute joys for us to serve our couples with. These are also the type of people that you should expect to invest equally in your video as you did in your photography. So the question is this, is a wedding film of equal importance to your wedding images? If so we know the most incredible wedding filmmakers around the country that we highly recommend you bring them in for your wedding day. If that’s you, we’re happy to make the connection. If you want something in house, we’ve got you covered there too.

Hopefully, that helps clear a few things up, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to add a wedding film to your collection or you’d like to see our recommended cinematographers list.


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