Kelara + Zeke

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Cleveland Elopement

Blessed are the flexible. For they shall not be bent out of shape. – Irish Proverb

Just kidding. That is definitely not an Irish proverb, it’s probably not a proverb of any type at all, but it should be if we’re taking a pole. Especially if you’re a bride and it’s 2020. 

Kelara and Zeke had originally planned for a 300 person indoor wedding in December, loads of dancing (she’s Egyptian and assured me her family knew how to have a proper dance party!!) all their friends, and plenty of hugging.

But Kelara also works in the medical field and is a nursing student, so as the year started looking worse and worse and she started seeing the new restrictions for group gatherings she and Zeke decided they had to make some hard decisions. They decided that in the end, the things that were most important for them was to commit to each other and actually be married. That they wanted to have their family be a part of their wedding in some way and that family photos were extremely important to both of them. 

The number of Zoom calls we had! We planned, and then something would change, and then we’d try again and have to PIVOT (Friends reference, anyone??) once more. BUT they had the best attitude through it all, and never once lost their excitement that getting married was actually their end goal no matter what their celebration was going to look like. 

Although we had a backup rain plan (because you have to when you plan an outdoor wedding in Cleveland) Kelara’s wedding day was a gorgeous day absolutely beautiful and I don’t think it could have been more perfect for the two of them. 

Zekes face, when he saw his bride-to-be during their first look, was the absolute best. Kelara didn’t stop smiling all day long. Sweet moments with their parents, one of my favorites when Kelara was trying to pin the boutonniere on her father and he was hamming it up and acting terrified and so proud all in one moment. Dad’s and daughters are forever a favorite on wedding days. 

But the absolute best moment of the day, and I think the couple would tell you this too, was when they had their first dance. Just the two of them, to the sound of the waterfalls below, and the violinist standing next to them. It was like time had stopped, COVID went away, wedding planning stress disappeared, and it was just them. Enjoying the first few minutes as husband and wife. And although I’m sure they would have loved to have a party with those 300 friends (and they may still when it’s safe) everything they needed to celebrate was right in that moment, just them, together.  

Although this has been a hard year for so many reasons. I’m deeply thankful for couples that can see past what they’d imagined and find a new vision that they might even love more. I’m thankful to have been a part of such a beautiful, intimate, and special wedding day. And I’m extremely thankful it didn’t rain. 😉 Enjoy. 



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