Chic Metropolitan at the 9 Wedding

Krystal and Rob

Krystal and Rob’s chic Metropolitan at the 9 wedding was a perfect event for their personalities! The couple lives in New York, but also lived in Washington, D.C. for many years. They are busy professionals so having a wedding day that really reflected their chic metropolitan style and priority of celebrating with their loved ones was extremely important.

Their love story is Hollywood-level cute, they met at a work event and at first, didn’t think much of it. A few months later after unexpectedly visiting the same location, they went to happy hour after work, bumped into each other, and everything just clicked. After eating pizza and having a few cocktails they didn’t realize the restaurant had closed and they were the only two left still talking and laughing. At that point, the thought was crossing both of their minds, “Okay. This could be something.” Que Hollywood fade out music. 😉

Krystal and Rob chose the Metropolitan at the 9, Autograph Collection as their venue because they loved the city chic, metropolitan vibe and felt like it reflected them well. The downtown location was convenient for their guests as well, and getting to any other weekend activities easy. The initial plan for the ceremony was that it would be on the rooftop. Unfortunately, due to high winds, the ceremony had to be moved to the ballroom which was still a beautiful option! The cocktail hour was held in the vault which was a really unique and original experience for the couple and their guests. After the cocktail hour, guests took their seats for the reception in the ballroom. For the first dance, the newlyweds were serenaded by an incredible Grammy-nominated artist, Eric Roberson. It was such a special moment for not only the couple, but for their guests as well.

The highlight of this wedding is easy for me. The massive love Krystal’s friends had for her was so evident throughout the day. From the sweet getting-ready tears (her friends, not her!) to the moment the AKAs took the floor and the singing and dancing began. These women were amazing, loving, supportive, and clearly adored their girl. It was easily one of my favorite things about Krystal and Rob’s wedding day.

Their chic Metropolitan at the 9 wedding was the perfect day for this elegant couple. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

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