Andy and Michelle

The sweetest couple of all time goes to… Andy and Michelle. 

You may not have met a gentleman like Andy. Of course, we chat with our couples before we actually meet them in person so I had a little bit of an idea. But from the moment I saw the two of them together I knew. Andy’s entire demeanor said he was in love. 

Their story is one made for a movie. They met because Andy was her financial advisor, and of course, he was smitten with her right away, but being the gentleman he is kept things entirely professional. For about four years. At one point in their blooming friendship, Michelle mentioned that she sometimes goes to the symphony alone and he offered to go with her… Well played… Andy. 

Fast forward another few years and they were planning their wedding with strong priorities. It was about their marriage first, celebrating with their friends and family, and creating a truly elegant evening while staying true to who they are. 

Spending time getting to know these two was a genuine joy as we approached their wedding day. Although wedding planning brought the normal stress that it does for most couples they constantly focus on honoring each other, and the people around them was beautiful. 

We also got to know Gus. Let me explain how amazing Gus is to you. I’m a huge fan of dogs being a part of the wedding day but if you have met Gus for even a few minutes you would know that he deserved to be a part of every second he could. This is the sweetest kindest furry soul. He may or may not have been a small distraction for our team as we were slightly obsessed with him and he needed extra cuddles in the morning. What were we to do? 

Their first look was a private moment of sheer emotion. When Andy saw his bride I think the world stopped in the very best way. The look on his face was something that I think they’ll go back to years later. Their day was filled with moments like this, quiet moments just the two of them. Their day turned into night and their reception was filled with friends and music. The party was like a brilliant jazz concert with the talents of the band Just Jazz Live that filled the evening with so much joy and laughter, not to mention great food. 

Ultimately though it was the couple who stole the show. The way they looked at each other. The moments they stole to be together throughout the day. All spoke volumes about the two of them as people. 

Andy and Michelle – Truly, what a true joy to be a part of such a lovely day and forever 😉a part of your lives.  

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