Dragonfly Photography | Behind the Scenes

One of the best ways to get a glimpse of our behind-the-scenes on wedding weekends is to keep an eye on Instagram stories. Although we do miss a solid amount of really fun moments doing the important work of actually being in the moments themselves and serving our couples (apparently Kenzie only has so many hands) we regularly try to post little peeks into what it’s like to work with our crew.

Often I’m asked what I do, and when I say own a wedding photography company I get a number of mixed reactions.

Do you remember those memes that were going around for a while where it would have four quadrants and one would say ‘what so-and-so thinks I do this, and my mom thinks I do this, and the world thinks I do… vs what I actually do?’ I believe that’s pretty accurate for wedding photography. It’s hard to imagine, what do we do Monday through Thursday? 😉 I would even say, especially wedding photography as we practice it here.

I will say it’s hard to describe how much we care about our couples’ wedding day’s and it’s especially hard to describe the kind of effort we put into photographing that wedding day. It almost certainly doesn’t start on a wedding day and it never ends on a wedding day. It’s something we take incredibly seriously and work incredibly hard on. Because it is such serious work in a lot of ways and because it’s never lost on any of us that this is the most important day in their lives so far (and only one chance to get things right)… We laugh, a lot. 

My favorite part of everything that I personally do is the people that I get to work with. Everyone from the amazing women that surround me, to the clients that we get to serve. It truly makes the (at times) somewhat sleepless nights worth it.  

Although I wish we had a lot more images to show you how a much better glimpse of what last year held, here are just a few photos of moments that we caught. Laughter, the studio, sweet treats that so many lovely couples sent us, wedding day fun, dogs, and of course back to laughter

Cheers to so many more adventures this year. 

Grateful. – Oona


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