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Sometimes you need to know you're hiring the best. There are certain things in life that just have too much at state to risk trial and error, especially on something that can't be redone. When it comes to your wedding images, you have one chance to get incredible ones. Which is why, when you're interviewing wedding photographers you need to ask the tough questions now so that on your wedding day you can relax and be present on the most important day of your life. Not worrying if your moments are being captured, but knowing that everything that every look, every laugh, every touch of grandma's hand, will be something you can treasure forever.

That's why this page exists. We've won all sorts of things, and been featured all over. The only reason any of that matters is because you need to know that we know what we're doing on the most important day of your life. That's it.

You can also hear from our past couples, on what it was like to work with us, and how they felt as they walked through the process. Which of course, is far more important than any award we could ever receive.

Your wedding day is too important to leave to chance.

Images are the one thing you'll take with you after your wedding day. When you look at an image 30 years from now? It should make you feel exactly how you felt the moment it happend. That's what photography is about.

In her Words - What is it like to work with us?

Hear from Michelle

Choosing the right Team Matters

Hear Michelle share about her experience working with the Dragonfly Photography Team and what it was like planning a wedding her wedding.

of working with our team

Where do I even begin??

wedding portrait in bar with couple

"My (now) husband and I own a high-end, custom menswear company so we work with photographers on a daily basis and Oona at Dragonfly Photography is BY FAR the most talented, professional, skillful artist that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She had the most up to date technology, found the most creative spots to shoot and knew how to depict our brand and personas PERFECTLY!!! I felt like I had the pleasure of a photographer, creative director, pose specialist and brand manager in one person working with Oona. The Dragonfly Photography team honestly is worth EVERY penny and then some. If you have the honor of getting to shoot with them, you better take it! You will be more than over the moon with the priceless content you will receive and the entire process will be so smooth that it feels like a vacation being in their presence."

Sidney + Brandon

"My (then fiance) and I found Dragonfly on Instagram and were immediately blown away by the artistic style and professional quality of the images. We reached out to a couple of different photographers, and Oona responded back with a welcome video within the hour. With it being the winter of 20-21, our early communication was over text and Zoom, but that did not stop us from building our relationship and planning our special day. Now, I've mentioned her name, but I can not go on without telling you about Oona. She is the lead photographer at Dragonfly, and THE reason our wedding was as memorable as it was. She's professional, down to earth, responsible, funny, caring, and real. Now it may sound like it but believe me, my wife and I are not this easy to impress. We quickly knew we had found someone who would care for us. Oona sat down and helped us sketch out the entire itinerary for our wedding day, from wake up to guests leaving the reception. No stone went unturned, which was right up our alley considering my wife and I are from the education field. You can imagine that we like a plan. Don't get me wrong, the plan was thorough, but never overwhelming. We started early in the process, and tweaked it along the way. It helped that Oona was available and flexible with her time. With Dragonfly, you won't just be hiring people to take pictures at your wedding/event. They will be just as committed and invested as you are in making your day special. We can't recommend them enough, and will be using them again."

Brian & Alice

I cried when I saw my wedding album!

"Selecting Dragonfly Photography for our wedding day was a no brainer. I immediately connected with Oona, the photographer. She's very hands on and calming and understands the craziness and stress of planning a wedding. Not to mention, her work is incredible! While I didn't cry on our wedding day, I did however cry when I saw my wedding album! The images are beautiful and the colors she captures are insane! Her images are truly a work of art. It's no wonder she wins all those awards. We had a great experience working with Dragonfly. I'd recommend them x1000!"

Ryan & Peter

Oona and her team are the absolute BEST!

She and her team were all in from day one--helping to soothe fears, figure out amazing shoot locations, staying calm supportive, helpful (you know how weddings can be!). They were the best. Oh--and they took the most incredible pictures ever. It was absolutely pouring rain and super dreary on the day of the wedding, but from the pictures you wouldn't have known a thing. I think that's what separates them from your run of the mill Facebook marketplace photographers. Some companies are dependent on the weather, Dragonfly and their team make the pictures art regardless of what's going on outside. By the end of the process, you feel like they are your best friends. We felt so loved and cared for and understood. Thanks Oona and crew. You are our favorites."

Anna & Pat

It was truly a top-notch experience and made being a bride SO easy

"Dragonfly Photography was a dream to work with from start to finish. Finding the perfect photographer for our wedding was at the very top of our priority list when our wedding planning began. We had a vision for stunning, timeless images in mind, but more than that, we wanted to find someone who we’d think of as a friend (after all, they'd be spending the majority of our special day with us and capturing intimate moments shared otherwise, just between us). After weeks of researching so many Cleveland wedding photographers, just a few minutes into speaking with Oona, the lead photographer at Dragonfly, we knew right away that she was the perfect person to capture our wedding day. Oona is such a kind and genuine person, and her calming presence and positive energy is infectious. From day one, she really took the time to get to know us and make us feel comfortable in sharing our ideas with her. It's clear she has such an incredible eye, but yet she still took the time to understand how we envisioned our wedding day photos. Throughout the planning process, she worked side-by-side with our wedding planner, venue, and our other vendors behind the scenes to ensure every base was covered. During the months leading up to our wedding, she sent reminders, items to pack, timeline suggestions and genuine messages of excitement for Mike and I over the course of the planning process. It was truly a top-notch experience and made being a bride SO easy. During our engagement session and on the wedding day itself, everything was beautifully and artfully captured, and getting our pictures taken felt so easy and fun with them. We got married at The Westin Cleveland downtown, and our family and guests were in complete awe of their professionalism and expertise as they navigated around the wedding day so seamlessly and subtly, but somehow were still there to capture every special moment. The Dragonfly photographers are rare wedding professionals who truly listen to what is most important to YOU, and true cheerleaders for your wants and needs for your day. We will always cherish the photographs they took of us and are honored to have their work lining the walls of our home for years to come. Dragonfly Photography is worth every penny and then some, and my husband and I couldn’t imagine not having them by our side on the most important day of our lives. If they are available on your date, book them immediately!"

Merideth & Mike

bride and groom with sheep at The Rural Society in ohio

You will NEVER be let down by this team!

Let me first start by saying you will NEVER be let down by this team. Oona and her team have perfected the art of not only photography, but keeping lines of communication flowing from the minute you introduce yourself to even weeks after your event (in my case my wedding day). This team is professional, prompt, transparent, and down right fun to work with. She has your interests and concerns always at the forefront of what she does and you truly become “besties” through the process. If you are looking for timeless, beautiful, and spectacular photos and want to do it with someone who makes you feel confident, comfortable, and will 99.9% of the time make you laugh and have fun, then Dragonfly Photography is absolutely the perfect fit for you.”.

Caitlin & David

They care about the people in the photo

"They are so great with each of their couples + treat each person so uniquely. Dragonfly Photo is different because they care about the people in the picture. Thank you, Oona and team!"

Jenna & Dom

Makes their couple's dreams come true!!

Where do I begin? Oona has been working with couples for years, but until you are actually one of her couples- you will never understand the amount of love she puts into her work. The dedication, the amount of Heaven and Earth moving she does to make her couple's dreams come true. The pure talent is surreal!! She will hype you up, remind you that you are about to marry the love of your life, make you feel comfortable, and remind you that you are truly the star of the show... all the time! From our first meeting to engagement photos, to the day of our wedding, she has been nothing short of that bff that wants to make sure every single one of your ideas becomes a reality. If she asks if you want recommendations, TAKE THEM- florist, videographer, hair, makeup, venue, she knows the best of the best and strives to give you that. You have documented the biggest day of our lives, and for that we could never say "thank you" enough. 100% will be recommending you to everyone! Thank again!”.

Kelara & Zeke

Her images will touch your heart strings

"Oona, not only as a photographer but as a person, is simply gifted, sincere, gracious, kind, funny, and unique. She understands love and people and simply “gets it” on a deeper level. This powerful insight translates into her photography and, as a result, her images will touch your heart strings."

Nicole + Micah

If you can hire Dragonfly, YOU MUST!!!

"I absolutely can't imagine what our wedding day and experience leading up to the day would have been like without Dragonfly Photography. Oona and her team are simply the best and gave us THE BEST advice, recommendations, and helped answer so many questions. They helped us with our timeline, locations, selection of other vendors, etc. And all their advice was SPOT ON. Anything they suggested that I do and I didn't, I WISH I had listened! I knew we were truly working with a special team before we even took our engagement photos. From phone calls to emails to Zooms and in person meetings, the experience you will have working with Dragonfly is seamless and puts them in a league of their own. Oona is not only crazy talented and captures amazing photos, but genuinely cares about her brides and lets you know that she's committed to making your day truly unforgettable. If you're considering hiring Oona and her amazing team, stop looking at anyone else, do yourself a favor, and WORK WITH DRAGONFLY! You absolutely won't regret it!"

Michelle & Andy

The BEST choice for your most special day

"What else is there to say that hasn't already been said? Oona and her team are just magical at what they do. From beginning to end, the care that is given is out of this world. The communication does not stop through the entire planning process, all the way to the wedding day, and beyond.
Not only does she make it easy to plan, she also truly helps facilitates the big day. I did not have a day-of coordinator, and she helped to make sure things happened in a timely fashion, but never EVER pushed anyone into an uncomfortable time period. I would recommend Dragonfly for any photography services needed, and would have them by my side again and again if I could re-do my wonderful wedding day. THANK YOU OONA!!"

Cassie & Marc

Great creativity, guidance and overall professionalism

New York City Brooklyn Bridge Romantic Elopement Photo

"We met the Dragonfly photography team at the Cleveland bridal show and it was an instant connection. They have a can do attitude and a calming sense of peace in their approach. They instantly felt like part of our wedding success team and from that first meeting that is exactly how they were! Great creativity, guidance and overall professionalism. We know we are blessed to have met them and signed up with them. You will be blessed too if you make Dragonfly your photographer. I wish I could give them 10 stars because they are over the top awesome!"


Made us feel comfortable and entirely ourselves in front of the camera

"From our very first phone call with Oona, we knew she was the person to capture all of the moments and emotions of our wedding day. The entire Dragonfly team went above and beyond to not only plan out the details of our day, but to help us think through how we wanted the day to feel so the experience was true to us as a couple. Oona made us feel comfortable and entirely ourselves in front of the camera, which came through in every shot. The Dragonfly Team are not only incredible professionals and masters of their craft, they are just so enjoyable to spend time with and there is no one else we could have imagined hanging out with on our wedding day. If you are looking for someone to capture the feelings and emotions of your wedding, and more importantly to tell the story of your day, look no further than Oona and her team! They are worth every penny and then some - just book them!"

Amy & Chris

Thank you


Jen & Kyle

I am thrilled to have images from my wedding day that I feel gorgeous in

"I met Oona at the Cleveland bridal show in 2019. We immediately hit it off. She is an upbeat, happy person who knows what she’s doing and has a great eye for photography. We actually set our wedding date in her old office and booked her before any other vendors. I’m not going to lie I am an anxiety ridden person and I was so nervous about our engagement and wedding pictures. But both times Oona and her team excelled at what they do and proved my anxiety to be pointless. As someone who is not super confident, I am thrilled to have images from my wedding day that I feel gorgeous in. My husband and I will be able to cherish our images forever. They are classic and elegant, showing no time which is another thing we loved - no heavy filters etc. The team was also super prepared for the day, directing family and the bridal party for pictures which alleviated some of my stress. They also showed bravery when our venues longhorn was out of the fence! Great quality and a great value we are so thankful. ❤️"

Autumn & Hunter

The Dragonfly Photography team is second to none!

"The Dragonfly Photography team is second to none! They're incredible photographers and even better humans. They helped us plan our entire day to ensure it was exactly what we wanted, all while reminding us to soak it in and be present on our wedding day. We absolutely loved working with them & I can't imagine using anyone else for our big day!"

Kelly & Justin

The whole Dragonfly team goes above and beyond with everything

"Oona is one of the most kind-hearted humans out there. We had our wedding during the pandemic and I can truly say we wouldn’t have been able to do it without Oona. Oona was so supportive, informative, helpful, detail oriented, kind, the list goes on and on. One night we had a three hour zoom call as she helped us navigate finalizing our wedding album and Oona didn’t bat an eye at helping us. The whole Dragonfly team goes above and beyond with everything. Add the stunning images to it all and I can promise you, you won’t regret working with them."

Hanna & Patrick

The epitome of incredible photographers

Cleveland Arcade Wedding Photography First Dance Photo

"Oona, and team are the epitome of incredible photographers and human beings. Their presence helped make our day magical! We adore them! We had a fairytale wedding! Thank you to you and your staff! You were incredible! We are so glad that you were there and were able to capture our most precious moments. Many many blessings to your whole crew!!"

Lynn + Jared

In her Words - What is it like to work with us?

Hear from Caitlin

Choosing the right Team Matters

Hear Caitin share about her experience working with the Dragonfly Photography Team and what it was like planning a wedding where things didn't exactly go as planned. She shares about what her concerns were when she was choosing wedding photographers, and how she felt after she's chosen our team. Plus, the emotional moment that she saw her wedding images for the first time.

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