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Why does it matter if we've won international photography awards or been featured in loads of publications over the years? It matters because your wedding day only happens once. You need to know the photographers you choose are professionals who can handle the unexpected. Everything from crazy weather to bad lighting.

Nothing throws us other than really bad coffee....



and recognition

Weddings are filled with the logistically unexpected. Don't stress. We’ve got you.

I would choose

Dragonfly Photography

over and over again and recommend them to a million people!

Steffanni + Chris

Sometimes you need to know you're hiring the best. There are certain things in life that just have too much at state to risk trial and error, especially on something that can't be redone. When it comes to your wedding images, you have one chance to get incredible ones. Which is why, when you're interviewing wedding photographers you need to ask the tough questions now so that on your wedding day you can relax and be present on the most important day of your life. Not worrying if your moments are being captured, but knowing that everything that every look, every laugh, every touch of grandma's hand, will be something you can treasure forever.

That's why this page exists. We've won all sorts of things, and been featured all over. The only reason any of that matters is because you need to know that we know what we're doing on the most important day of your life. That's it.

You can also hear from our past couples, on what it was like to work with us, and how they felt as they walked through the process. Which of course, is far more important than any award we could ever receive.

Your wedding day is too important to leave to chance.

Images are the one thing you'll take with you after your wedding day. When you look at an image 30 years from now? It should make you feel exactly how you felt the moment it happend. That's what photography is about.

In her Words - What is it like to work with us?

Hear from Caitlin

Choosing the right Team Matters

Hear Caitin share about her experience working with the Dragonfly Photography Team and what it was like planning a wedding where things didn't exactly go as planned. She shares about what her concerns were when she was chooseing wedding photographers, and how she felt after she's choosen our team. Plus, the emotional moment that she saw her wedding images for the first time.


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of working with our team

Where do I even begin??

My (now) husband and I own a high-end, custom menswear company so we work with photographers on a daily basis and Oona at Dragonfly Photography is BY FAR the most talented, professional, skillful artist that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She had the most up to date technology, found the most creative spots to shoot and knew how to depict our brand and personas PERFECTLY!!! I felt like I had the pleasure of a photographer, creative director, pose specialist and brand manager in one person working with Oona. The Dragonfly Photography team honestly is worth EVERY penny and then some. If you have the honor of getting to shoot with them, you better take it! You will be more than over the moon with the priceless content you will receive and the entire process will be so smooth that it feels like a vacation being in their presence.

Sidney + Brandon

Oona & her team are the absolute BEST!

She and her team were all in from day one--helping to soothe fears, figure out amazing shoot locations, staying calm supportive, helpful (you know how weddings can be!). They were the best. Oh--and they took the most incredible pictures ever. It was absolutely pouring rain and super dreary on the day of the wedding, but from the pictures you wouldn't have known a thing. I think that's what separates them from your run of the mill Facebook marketplace photographers. Some companies are dependent on the weather, Dragonfly and their team make the pictures art regardless of what's going on outside. By the end of the process, you feel like they are your best friends. We felt so loved and cared for and understood. Thanks Oona and crew. You are our favorites."

Anna & Pat

bride and groom with sheep at The Rural Society in ohio

You will NEVER be let down by this team!

Let me first start by saying you will NEVER be let down by this team. Oona and her team have perfected the art of not only photography, but keeping lines of communication flowing from the minute you introduce yourself to even weeks after your event (in my case my wedding day). This team is professional, prompt, transparent, and down right fun to work with. She has your interests and concerns always at the forefront of what she does and you truly become “besties” through the process. If you are looking for timeless, beautiful, and spectacular photos and want to do it with someone who makes you feel confident, comfortable, and will 99.9% of the time make you laugh and have fun, then Dragonfly Photography is absolutely the perfect fit for you.”.

Caitlin & David

They care about the people in the photo

"They are so great with each of their couples + treat each person so uniquely. Dragonfly Photo is different because they care about the people in the picture. Thank you, Oona and team!"

Jenna & Dom

Her images will touch your heart strings

"Oona, not only as a photographer but as a person, is simply gifted, sincere, gracious, kind, funny, and unique. She understands love and people and simply “gets it” on a deeper level. This powerful insight translates into her photography and, as a result, her images will touch your heart strings."

Nicole + Micah

Bride groom first dance outdoor cleveland metropark wedding

Makes their couple's dreams come true!!

Where do I begin? Oona has been working with couples for years, but until you are actually one of her couples- you will never understand the amount of love she puts into her work. The dedication, the amount of Heaven and Earth moving she does to make her couple's dreams come true. The pure talent is surreal!! She will hype you up, remind you that you are about to marry the love of your life, make you feel comfortable, and remind you that you are truly the star of the show... all the time! From our first meeting to engagement photos, to the day of our wedding, she has been nothing short of that bff that wants to make sure every single one of your ideas becomes a reality. If she asks if you want recommendations, TAKE THEM- florist, videographer, hair, makeup, venue, she knows the best of the best and strives to give you that. You have documented the biggest day of our lives, and for that we could never say "thank you" enough. 100% will be recommending you to everyone! Thank again!”.

Kelara & Zeke

New York City Brooklyn Bridge Romantic Elopement Photo

Great creativity, guidance and overall professionalism

"We met the Dragonfly photography team at the Cleveland bridal show and it was an instant connection. They have a can do attitude and a calming sense of peace in their approach. They instantly felt like part of our wedding success team and from that first meeting that is exactly how they were! Great creativity, guidance and overall professionalism. We know we are blessed to have met them and signed up with them. You will be blessed too if you make Dragonfly your photographer. I wish I could give them 10 stars because they are over the top awesome!"


Thank you


Jen & Kyle

Cleveland Arcade Wedding Photography First Dance Photo

The epitome of incredible photographers

"Oona, and team are the epitome of incredible photographers and human beings. Their presence helped make our day magical! We adore them! We had a fairytale wedding! Thank you to you and your staff! You were incredible! We are so glad that you were there and were able to capture our most precious moments. Many many blessings to your whole crew!!"

Lynn + Jared

In her Words - What is it like to work with us?

Hear from Kelara

Choosing the right Team Matters

Hear Kelara share the story of wedding planning that went from a ballroom wedding for close to 300 down to a intimate outdoor elopement. Hear what mattered to her and Zeke and how they felt through the process.





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