Meet Oona | Lead Photographer and head vegan-cupcake-eater in our neck of the woods

Choosing a wedding photographer is about more than finding pictures you like on a website. It’s about finding the person or team of people that you are going to walk alongside as you head into the most important day of your life.

It’s about not having one more thing to worry about, and knowing that there are people in your corner who care as much about your day being as perfect as you do.

Also, you have to like them. 😉

On this page, you’ll find a little bit about Oona specifically. Some silly things, meaningful things, and overall sense of why any of this matters to all of us.

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Can we talk about my love of food for a moment? I'm a Vegan-ish cupcake aficionado. Aka I have a ton of food allergies so I eat a mainly vegan diet. However, bacon occasionally makes it to my plate (don't judge).

I am also 1000% obsessed with baked goods and I try to eat as many of the vegan variety as humanly possible. Aside from that, I can’t seem to function without coffee or strong dark tea with cream. Pro tip: if you take me to a random coffee shop (or old book store), feed me vegan made goods and coffee... we might be best friends forever. ;-) Throwing it out there...

The Fam.

I’m slightly obsessed with all the delightful people who live in my home. My boys are little, but not as little as they once were. This makes me smile and cry all at the same time. Anyone else do this?? We usually spend our days with a ridiculous amount of energy (them, not me). The beach is our bestie and wrestling each other to the death (death = pinned until the conquered child announces defeat) is a daily occurrence.


I am in love with the written word. I read a ton of different things. From current authors to children’s classics (Narnia anyone??) one of my favorite things is to be curled up with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee while reading to my kiddos. I don’t want one of your tablets either. I need honest-to-goodness-pages. I really just love everything about books. I’m pretty sure I could become a book hoarder easily.

Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.
~ C. S. Lewis

The City.

I’m self admittedly one of those people that pretty much loves everywhere I get to explore. Warm, cold, tropical, mountains. Each place has some amazing characteristic to learn about and enjoy. Being on an adventure is always a good thing in my book.

However, my only stipulation, if we’re going to move across the country, is that I can only do small-town rural for so long. No offense to small-town rural but I thrive on a city. When my husband and I moved our family from South Florida (and originally from California), I thought I was going to pass out with all the cute little country-ish space here in the Midwest until I really got to see how amazing downtown Cleveland is. Because I get to travel frequently, you’ll usually find me exploring the streets of whatever city I land in, and having the best time of it. Or enjoying nature...from a front porch with a cup of coffee... as God intended it to be enjoyed. ;-)

The Arts.

You might pin this one on being a weird creative type, I would try and convince you otherwise. The arts, in general, help me thrive as a person. And although you may never need to know who Edgar Degas is, or what he painted... I beg you to simply go stare at one of his pieces. You never know what it might spark in your own story. I highly value both as a photographer, as well as a person, continuing to grow, explore, and learn all I can from what I’m surrounded with.

Everyone has a story to share, we can learn so much if we just listen. If you need me, I’ll be crying through a Miami City Ballet performance as my sweet husband tries not to roll his eyes too much at my overly creative heart.