We are wedding photographers. We adore couples who love life.

The Nutshell Version

Oh, and we really like In’n’Out.
A few more things? No worries, we made a list. 😉

1. Storytelling is one of our favorite things
2. We are a fine art photography studio (aka, we like really pretty things)
3. An editorial photography style is how we tell stories (aka, we like real moments with real emotion, just as much as pretty things)
4. We definitely believe in adventures
5. We are coffee valuers (+ hopefully you are too)
6. Printed images, wedding albums, + tangible things generally make us cry with joy
7. Chocolate = Happiness (because, hello)
8. Home is California (for Oona at least, + hey, it’s our only cool factor, worth mentioning… send us t-shirts)

Meet Oona - Lead Photographer + Vegan Cupcake Eater

Oh, Hey!

I’m Oona and the lead photographer in our neck of the woods.
I’m a city loving, coffee drinking, Pottery Barn shopping kinda girl.
And I adore wedding photography.

My love for photography came from my grandma, her name was Grace and she was one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known. She was a wedding photographer for 40 years, in a time when being a female business owner was less common and all while raising her 6 children on her own. She was amazing. She genuinely loved each person she photographed. The people she was with knew it too, when you were with her you knew she wanted to be with you. She was just that kind of person.

Bridesmaids Getting Ready on Wedding Day Photo

Mckenzie + Andrew

Mckenzie and Andrew are one of those couples that when you meet them, you immediately think; oh, these guys are fun. There is just something about the way they interact with each other, and the world around them that just makes it lovely to be near them. Read More

Historic Lighthouse Wedding Photo

Lindsay + G

The first time I talked with Lindsay, it was going to be a quick hello which turned into a 2 hour conversation. This pretty much sums her and I up in a nutshell. At the point we first connected, she knew she wanted a destination wedding but wasn’t totally set on which destination. Read More

Romantic Geological Elopement Photo

Gabe + Aleena

mill-hopper: In a grinding mill, a hopper from which grain is supplied to the stones. Now, I’m still slightly unsure of what exactly a “mill-hopper” is even after Googling a definition but I did sort of love the idea of the images it brings to mind. Read More

  • Oona, not only as a photographer but as a person, is simply gifted, sincere, gracious, kind, funny, and unique. She understands love and people and simply “gets it” on a deeper level. This powerful insight translates into her photography and, as a result, her images touch your heartstrings.
    Nicole + Micah
  • You, Jenna, & Joanna are the epitome of incredible photographers and human beings. Your presence helped make our day magical! We adore you! We had a fairytale wedding! Thank you to you and your staff! You were incredible! We are so glad that you were there and were able to capture our most precious moments. Many many blessings to you and your family!!
    Lynn + Jared
  • My favorite thing about working with you all was how fun the shoot was and how beautiful the pictures came out!
    Cheryl + Travis
  • Oona at Dragonfly photography does such an amazing job at capturing those special moments. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do my engagement and wedding photos. She is so great with each of her clients and treats each person so uniquely. Dragonfly Photo is different because they care about the person in the picture. Thank you Oona and team!
    Domenic + Jenna
  • Oona with Dragonfly Photography is simply the best. She always seems to capture that perfect image that completely describes our family. We're always looking forward to our next session. Speaking of, aren't we due? ❤️ Thank you Dragonfly team!
    Casi + Norm
  • An amazing photographer was exceptional in the way she was able to interpret my daughter's personality. Which came through in the photos. The creativity was spectacular! Can not imagine going to anyone else for my family photos and feeling like they could capture the moments I wanted. Thank you, Oona, for an unforgettable experience!
  • So, I showed my coworkers the pictures. Everyone is obsessed. One person asked if I cried because they are so beautiful. Another wanted your info because she wants you to do her family photo. Everyone told me, good luck picking some out to print. I want them ALL!!!!! Thank you SO much, Oona!!!!!! You’re so talented.
    Melissa + Ricky

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