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Today’s blog post is a personal one. Life (and work) has been so very busy that when I sat down trying to decide which photography events I wanted to share with you all, I became a little stuck. I think I’m in one of those introspective moods where what I’d love to do is sit and chat about major life philosophy with you. That, my friends, is how you get an introvert out of yoga pants and out of the house… you bribe her with random philosophical musings and coffee. A helpful bit of information, you’re welcome.

However, none of you put this helpful information to use, which leaves me sitting behind this keyboard feeling awfully introspective and drinking insane amounts of caffeine.

If you’ve been following along with my personal Instagram account, you may or may not have noticed my #adventureswithacellphoneandabook hashtag. At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself with a number of personal and professional goals. Some of these I shared with you guys (which was probably crazy, but hey) and one of which was that I wanted to make a choice to read more. I feel like with the amount of time I must be on a computer (if you only knew how wedding photographers feel about their laptops) and stare at my phone (Instagram can take about 400 hours of your time if you let it), I needed to cultivate some unplugged time. I figured that a book a month was doable as well as something that I could keep track of. It’s kinda tough to say I want to “read more” and then February comes and you can’t remember what “more” is or if that wedding blog you clicked through while browsing Instagram counts or not? 😉

Before you judge me as one of those people, you know the organized type with goals and such, I will clarify that being a photographer is kind of a specific lifestyle. We are constantly creating, which sounds all fancy and champagne roses but there is a little more to it than that. For me (and a lot of my friends), being a wedding photographer is about more than just taking pictures of your wedding day. It’s hopefully about creating a legacy, something unique to you and your love story. This is only possible if I can think clearly. To create, to be passionate about what I do, to love photography. And you know, with lots of coffee of course. I may make a bumper sticker, it would say: “I’d just like to thank coffee”…

So all that to say, a simple goal like reading a book a month is actually about being a better photographer. It’s about loving my family better. It’s about sitting in quiet, with my tea or coffee, and listening to great minds share how they see the world. It’s about listening to other people’s viewpoints. Basically, we’re back to philosophical musings and coffee, which equals one… #happyintrovert

Once I started though, I will tell you I’m getting a little obsessed. So far this year I should have read 4 books but I just finished my 5th. I currently have 4 books on my read right now list because I just got them from the library. One of the books is a ‘collection’ of 3 books so technically I have 6 books I need to read immediately. I have two online shopping carts filled with books waiting to press order… Someone, please send help. Like send immediate, well trained, help… lol

So in honor of my introspective, book obsessed mindset, I wanted to share some of my all-time favorite quotes in the blog post today. Please understand that this is much like saying, I’d like to share my favorite type of coffee. Narrowing it down may be slightly difficult, and could change tomorrow and feels painfully lacking. But none the less here is a very small sampling… along with a few other thoughts below.

– CS Lewis

Although I considered simply writing these quotes out, this is a photographer’s blog after all so I figured a prettier option was in order. 😉 Each of the images can be found on my Pinterest board with links to where the originals came from if you want to have a look. But of course, reading the authors of the quotes in the original context would be the most fun! 😉

What helps you create? Be you? Or feel most alive? I’d love to know…

Dragonfly Photography Editorial Wedding Photograph based in West Palm Beach

Dragonfly Photography Fine Art Wedding Photography West Palm Beach

Because that day that I went to the Subculture alley and saw a quote from one of my favorite authors painted on the fence deserves to be randomly worked into a blog don’t you think? Yes, me too…

Dragonfly Photography Fine Art Wedding Photography West Palm Beach

And lastly a picture of the current book struggle… I have no idea where to start… plus the library will want these back someday…



I love your work! Always so beautiful and whimsical. You can tell you enjoy what you do…it comes through in your photography

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